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  1. Sorry to entire board.....

    I have disrespected and made many people uncomfy on this board it was not my intent. I have been selfish. DO not worry if I see you guys out i am so harmless. I mean I sleep with a winnie the pooh doll and blanket. I am not the guy that is misinterreted by many of you on the boards. I use the boards to vent. I am going to go back to therapy. I have a great job and school is done so now I will focus on me and lay low for a hiwle so you guys can bleive im half normal. Do not be scared if you do not know me and disslike my posts. It was great seeing you alol last night including chris, deb, carmen, dave, and elliot. I do not mean to harm or bother anyone. I love everyone. EVen Mugwump, hehe.