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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    steve angello - voices (prydz remix)
  2. April Jams

    I saw Soul Mekanik @ amika after nikki beach. We all thought he was great.
  3. Track of the Conference

    I think it's a really close call between Pump up the Jam and Robophobia. When JZ droped Robophobia on and off for like 10min. @ Nikki beach the mass of people were just going nutz
  4. UNC is the Shizzel

    lora are you for real. I mean you actually thought MSU had a chance against the best college bb team EVER? Girl you need to lay off the booz. Ill. in going down but this will be a great game.
  5. the sad thing is..........

    she looks fine to me! except for those ugly tats
  6. Miami Beach strip clubs?

    yeah tootsie is bad ass. I spend $400 in there a few weeks ago. I have also heard from many people that it is easy to get blown in there. BUT if you want the best quality then Scarrlets in holandaled right off 95 is the shizzle
  7. Will travel for REAL house music...

    Im there man It would be nice to meet some people in Tampa that don't think house music (or any edm)is tecno.
  8. Pure pics

    if you go to the links posted by Hyype the first pic is the one from the party the second pic is porn
  9. Moving back

    hey man long time no see we should hook up this weekend.(no trance events for me sorry)
  10. Moving back

    I have a rule about going out alone - I just say no. I can not go to a club and not drink atleast 10 cold ones and im to much of a jew to pay for a cab. So I just camp out here with the hog. I did go to wilsky park and blue martini last mnth and had a blast even though the dj must have been half retarded. Going down to miami thursday night
  11. Pure pics

    what up with these pics man was this some kinda orgy at this party or something?
  12. Moving back

  13. Moving back

    this post is so funny to me I moved to tampa a year ago and it is so boring I can't wait to go back to work on monday moring. I guess if had any friends here it would be better but they are all in S FL. SO im telling you to get the hell out of this shit hole and go back to the promised land.
  14. what was the #1 song the day you were born?

    one of these nights - the eagles good choon
  15. Anyone ever been to club x-it

    sounds like good time to me.