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  1. Hello

  2. movie idea...

    i miss dgmodel
  3. Fuckin CP.....

  4. Hellooo anyone out thereeee?

    i have not logged onto this board in FOREVER...i see some familiar names though! it's been a long time. this board is dead now, huh?
  5. Random Thoughts #3

  6. Christina Aguliera

    she has implants...but they def have gotten much larger since she gave birth.... WAY too much make-up. gross. she is so cute/pretty, she doesn't need that much. her make-up artist should be fired.
  7. Celebrity news, gossip, scandels, pics, etc....

    I am dying to read that article in Rolling Stones....calling her "the American Tragedy"...it is really so fucking sad what has happened to her.
  8. Shopping for a Girlfriend

    or a nice piece of jewelry...tiffany has a ton of cute sterling silver rings or bracelets that are't too pricey
  9. So whats new?

    Waiting for the superbowl madness to begin!!!!! Starting the day off w/my coffee
  10. So whats your favorite movie of the year?

    Also Gone Baby, Gone and Juno But damn I really need to rejoin Blockbuster online b/c there are a ton of movies I haven't seen this year and will want to see on DVD... Atonement There Will Be Blood The Devil Knows You're Dead Bucket List No Country etc etc
  11. So whats your favorite movie of the year?

    Kite Runner was AMAZING
  12. What Do You Do For Work??

    Account Director for a medical education/marketing company
  13. Lets Bring CP Baaaack....Who's with me??

    I will partake in your vision
  14. Random Thoughts #3

    I still can't believe how dead this place is...hi everyone!