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  1. Two Words

    naaaa Baby Oil makes things as smooth as silk
  2. Happy Birthday Foxy!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Babe!! Def hope you
  3. nascar night racing...

    hahaaaa I luv night races too
  4. diet supplements?

    Just from personal use I take the one a day weight smart and haven't noticed any effect on my energy level too much, but I am not affected by caffeine I used to be a coke/coffee/mountain dew aholic lol. For calcium viactiv is wicked good, a little chocolate treat yum
  5. where do u prefer to run?

    I'm into ballet so I don't mind walking fast on the treadmill only because of varying the speed, and height I can hit the areas I need to but for running I always go outside. My favorite place is a one mile loop that goes through the woods at an old monestary, the beach or at a track next to a ball park.
  6. ladies, would u ever.........

    I have a great doc but I made sure it was a female because when you have to sometimes ask questions it is just easier telling someone who may have gone thru the same thing. A male doctor can only tell you what he may have heard. I dunno thats the biggest difference imo
  7. For you broke ass big breastis woman

    I spent some time in London and noticed that the amount of women that wore bras was slim compared to the states, so who knows...
  8. Thank you, enough said!
  9. Malia Jones

    I know....I would love to have a bootly like that, very nice
  10. Malia Jones

    I know....I would love to have a bootly like that, very nice
  11. @ Aria Giovanni

    Aria is my absolute fav lady!! I've been trying to find her movies....where did you get them from gmccookny? How ironic shes got the exact birthday of my guy! hahaha
  12. The Yankees bullpen is what killed them last season and they put a lot of money into that so I think we'll do just fine this coming season. I'm heading down to escape new england weather for a few spring training games and can't wait. I also think the money the Mets spent on Beltran was well worth it, hes a good addition but I do think it funny they are nearly equal to the payroll of the yanks now with Beltran and Martinez.
  13. People in the city wear WAAAY too much black

    I love black, picked up on it in London actually where they dress head to toe in black. I tend not to dress head to toe unless I am wearing a suit and I'll admit I only have a black one that I don't use too much anyway
  14. I'd like to have sex...

    Charlie LOL
  15. I'd like to have sex...

    The hard f'ing ground Gabo..who else if it wasn't me lol...we definitly know how to have fun with one another