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  1. Boondock Saints

    I thought it was a good flick. One of my friends was just in town last week from Milwaukee. She had watched the movie and believed it was an accurate portrayal of Boston. She was so disappointed that everyone in Boston didn't have irish brogues haha
  2. it's friday !!!!

  3. it's friday !!!!

  4. Bachelorette Party 7/30

    nah saturday's our only option at this point. we'll probablly end up doing a napkin toss with some hot guidos at avalon and i'm sure they'll have their shirts off already anyways i bet we could even get a couple of lap dances for her
  5. Bachelorette Party 7/30

    see vic knows what i'm talkin about I thought it was optimus prime though lolol
  6. Bachelorette Party 7/30

    yeah autobots are the good guy transformers and ew no.
  7. Bachelorette Party 7/30

    no but is that an autobot on his shirt? lol
  8. Bachelorette Party 7/30

    ahahahah - stymie likes naps but groovie? very disappointed. adilson spins at avalon now lol - any other ideas?
  9. Bachelorette Party 7/30

    how can you not remember jz? I think she'd rather go to a club so I figured Avalon but not sure who spins sat night??
  10. Bachelorette Party 7/30

    hey guys! I need some options for a bachelorette party on Sat night 7/30. Anything going on in Boston that night?? hope everything's good with everyone. and how was jz last weekend??? you guys gave him a kiss for me - right?
  11. Nyis

    ahahahaha - i wasn't sure why you were asking lol
  12. Nyis

    the alley in boston - they've got a band that switches off with a dj (who btw will play in da club on request-probablly even a remix), balconies, beads and some pretty kickass kamikazes
  13. Nyis

    Happy bday nyis!!! You making an appearance at the big easy to do a speaker dance or what?
  14. Happy B-day Snatch69

    hahahaha i was robbed of that cd - next time i'm driving - then you can leave your cds and phone and whatever the frig else you feel like in my car. worst navigating EVA!
  15. Happy B-day Snatch69

    cool - 7am good for you? and dont forget my cd!!