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  1. matt,

    its me angel if you can help me out regarding STYMIE (About NJ/HOBOKEN DMV)

    thanks in advance ...Angel

  2. Easy, put your money up and throw your own party!
  3. FiberlineAudio.com New Releases 10/8/07

    PLEASE STOP SPAMMING! If you were that god a DJ you would have a PR firm or publicist do your dirty work! I swear to god I would never DL your tracks, or go to a party you are spinning just because you are so fucking annoying
  4. what happened to this forum

    Bring back N A U G H T Y B O O T H
  5. Hi Matt, I just read your post on fake ids and was wondering who Stymie was. I'll be 20 in Sept. and I'm from NY but I don't know a place for a good one. I got one in Times Square for $80, but it doesn't work anywhere. Do you know a place for a good one? I'm willing to pay like $200 for it. Thanx, -aznBGirl
  6. Question about PVD at central park

    No you can't bring a chair, they do have bleachers where you can sit. They have beer there, not too sure on full liquor though.
  7. Razor And Jason E In Atlantic City

    You got it! That is the plan!
  8. Razor And Jason E In Atlantic City

    They really aren't working together only on occasion to do a party hear and there. Razor has been keeping up with a pretty busy DJ schedule, he played @ Tabu and Jet in Las Vegas last month.
  9. Razor And Jason E In Atlantic City

    Can't wait! We were at Razor's the other night hammering out details for our side trips on this excursion! Can't wait!
  10. Nothing is worse than the French guy that used to do the door @ Cielo. I think I'm banned for life there because I threatened to kill him! Funny thing is all the bouncers that worked there hated him too.
  11. Becoming THE promoter

    I agree 100%. I get calls at least 3 times a week from people asking me to get involved with parties that I really have no love for, and are not something I would want to put my name on. I was once at a club talking to a "Big" promoter (who shall remain nameless but, but I'm sure a lot of people have been to this guys parites), he had a really big DJ booked for that night, and didn't even know who he was. He told me "I never heared of this guy, someone else told me to book him, Id rather have ____ (Insert random NYC DJ that everyone has heared 10,000 times here) spin.
  12. This is the most original booking in NY in quite some time! My hats off to you good luck!
  13. Nation wow clever name!
  14. The New Skool

    Some of those tracks are Old Skool