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  1. NYC DJ visiting Chicago

    No, I dont know what music is played at Enclave. I'm going because it was chosen by the wedding party as a late night outing. I'm sure you can find out on their website.
  2. Nice pics Silverbull, always nice to see pics posted.
  3. DJ Equipment Question

    I have the same problem with my TTs and mixer. The only suggestion I have is to deal with it and keep the Master Balance in neutral position, but pan the balance a little to the left on each individual turntable channel. Try googling your inquiry.
  4. Oscar G review @ Avalon 12-16

    Went to Avalon at 4am and yeah, at most 40 people on the mainfloor. No vibe. I had a chance to speak to a person in his crew, who I also believe, is his agent. U guys ever watch 'No Cover' on Friday nites? Well, it was the host of the show Dave that I talked to. Nice guy. He mentioned he was kind of disappointed in the vibe towards the end. They will probably be back in NYC in January and I have a feeling it will be Crobar. His style is more big room tribal, which fits Crobar better. He finished off with his Green Dog's 'Fired Up.'
  5. I'm sure Boris will change it up from his usual sets at Crobar....he would have to just because the music wouldnt fit Cielo. I'm sure he will vary it up a bit and play more soulful, maybe even jazzy funky house, and possibly electro house.
  6. the Story on Cosmic Gate

    Cosmic Gate is what woke me up to trance in the late 90s. Prior to then, I wasnt in2 trance just because I categorized trance as cheesy, commercial stuff. Once I heard 'Drums,' their remix of Green Court's 'Follow Me' and then the midnight mix of 'Mental Atmosphere,' I was blown away. Matter of fact, Boris used to rock alot of their productions and that's how I found out about them. Never knew trance could get hard and deep. I wasnt feeling their latest remix of 'I Feel Wonderful,' but was def and still am, rocking to 'Ultra Curve.' Loving the tribal elements in the track.
  7. Id

    Prefer the Paco Buggin and Anthony Class Mix. On the Afroboogie label.
  8. Video Big Hardstyle Party in Holland!

    Just watched the clip...nasty craziness to say the least. I'm hoping to attend Street Parade in Zurich, Switzerland next August 2006. Girlfriend went last year and she said it was incredible, basically, Zurich shuts down for a day for this event. I'm always impressed by how the Europeans do it. As for the Love Parade, from what I hear, it was the event to attend back in the 90s and it's more of a techno music event and less so other genres. Slaveom, if you're into trance, then Street Parade is the way to go. Question for Dani, who are the main acts typically at Qlimax? Is it all hardstyle?
  9. Globalbeats.com out of Business

    Never bought from there. From recent memory, shops that have closed: Solidgrooves.com Spiderhop (formerly 8 ball records) Heartbeat (in the West Village)
  10. from the website: Goodbye from Global After many great years online GlobalBeats.com has closed our doors and taken our store offline. Huge thanks go out to all our customers and friends for all the support and business. All orders that have been placed previously will be shipped as usual. Any questions or thoughts can be sent to [email protected] Peace and thanks, its been a great run. Sad to see another vinyl shop go.
  11. latest set here (peak hour BIG room mix)

    Always helps with the tracklist.
  12. Mixology 101

    Liking these two tracks quite a bit. I'm surprised you had these since July.
  13. Mixology 101

    Vocal Electrouse by Lahner http://kleung.buffoonfactory.com/djlahner/Vocal ElectroHouse.mp3 Intro: Ariel – ‘Woman In Love’ (Plasmapella) [0 - 0:30] Matthew Dekay feat. Mirjam Vandershore – ‘Searching’ [0:31 - 5:31] Late Night Alumni - ‘Empty Streets’ [5:32-10:20] Margot - ‘Torch’ (Lele Pasini & Davide Ruberto Dub) [10:21-15:40] Deux - ‘Sun is Rising Up’ (Frank Garcia Remix) [15:41-21:42] Lino D Meglio - ‘swaRED’ (Vocal) [21:43-27:44] Ronnie Play - ‘It’s Time to Dance’ (Mario Piu Mix) [27:45-32:57] D-Me -‘Girls & Boys’ (Extended Mix) [32:58-36:35] Laurent Pautrat - ‘Want A Gay’ (Deep Gay Mix)[36:36-42:25] Eric Kaufmann vs Jet - ‘My Girlfriend is a Robot’ [42:26-48:40] Milk & Sugar - What Is Love? (Jesse Garcia Tribal Spain Mix) [48:41-54:06]
  14. song ID

    Don't forget the following other mixes: Calderone & Quayle 'Resonate (DJ Vibe Mix)' Calderone & Quayle 'Resonate' Part 1 (That Kid Chris Mix) Calderone & Quayle 'Resonate' Part 1 (D-Formation Mix) Personally, like Vibe's mix the best.
  15. Will definitely check this out. Only $10 with invite and Johnny DJing?! Can't beat that. It's been sometime since I've heard him play. Looking forward to it.