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  1. Platinum Saturdays, off the hook

    The crowd is great, we dont have a ton of people but the numbers are growing. It's a good looking crowd everyone is dressed up. If your intrested in coming down one week U can email me at [email protected], or come to the club on a Saturday and ask for me at the door. My name is Frankie, and I will take care of ya. Hope to see you out. Peace
  2. Thanks to everyone who came out tonight, Great crowd tonight, the numbers are growing the party is getting stronger. Anthony Acid played a killer set. The dance floor was going nuts. Especially when he rocked a phat ass old school set. Hope to see everyone out next week. Come see me at the bar. And dont forget October 26, we have Dark Beats performing live. Peace, Frankie
  3. Discotheque roll call -- Latex

    Is there a dress code on theme nights?
  4. This Saturday Come Check out WideLife performing "I dont Want You" At Platinum. Anyone interested in getting on the guestlist can emil me at [email protected] Dress code is in effect See you at the bar
  5. I have just realized one thing on this board (being that Im new to the board), But not new to the Industry. How come it's always the same couple of people talking shit. I appoligize if you had some bad experiences at Platinum. That was then, this is now. Im trying my best along with alot of new staff to correct any mistake's that were made. We are making progress. All I can say is Give it a chace, the shit is gonna blow up. Saturdays are a diffrent style party. Being that the format is strictly House. We have diffrent openers every week, however our resident DJ is Anthony Acid. He rocks it every Saturday. I dont know why other people go out, But the reason I go out is for atmosphere, Music and Drinks. Amongst a few other things. Our atmosphere is one of sophistacation and style. The same goes for our crowd. And I dont have to say anthing about the music, Anthony Drops the dope beats every Saturday. If you dont beleive me come check him out. We have 3.00 martini's every Saturday from 9-11. Trust me when I say this party is growing. So im sure I will see all you hater's out sooner or later, and if not, to each his own. And for anyone who hasnt been there since the begining of the summer and still talks smack, come check us out now , then if you dont like it talk shit. Until then , you know what you can do. Get some evidence to back your shit up. see you out there, soon>
  6. platinum = sad

    Things are gonna pick up , we got lots of Big things coming up.
  7. This Saturday is the Grand opening for the all new Platinum. Located in NewBrunswick. We got Monty Hughes playing during our open bar which is From 9:00 till 11:00, Then we got Anthony acid going on followed by a live performance by Jana playing for the first time ever in NJ ,performing her new soon to be smash hit "I need your love". Produced by none other then our very own Anthony Acid. Plus not to mention you never know who's gonna stop by platinum. Be sure to get there early to beat the line. And take advantage of the open bar. Anyone who would like to be placed on the guestlist can e-mail me at [email protected] Hope to see everyone out. Management reserves the right to be selective Dress to impress Peace
  8. I would like to thank everyone that came out to Platinum last night. We had a good turn out. It was a really good looking crowd. I can only anticipate what next week is gonna be like. Anthony Acid played a great set. And rocked crowd all night. Next Saturday we got DJ Monty Hughes opening for Anthony. Along with a live performance by Jana performing her new soon to be smash single "I need love" (produced by none other than Anthony Acid}. Dont forget we have open bar from 9-till 11pm. It is gonna be insane.Anyone with any questions can email me at [email protected] See you out there. Frankie
  9. Club Platinum Tonight

    Be sure to come out and get a small taste of club Platinum Tonight. Tonight is our sneak peek party.There is no cover charge. 3.00 Martinis till 11:00. Music by DJ/Producer Anthony Acid. Dress to impress. Hope to see you out there. For more info: Call us at(732) 937- 6113 Peace, Frankie C