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  1. I'm beginning to think there aren't a whole lot of Brazilians in LA, Weyes. I've been searching and searching and have come up with very little. Any suggestions not Brazil related? Just someplace without a ridiculous door policy, a dance floor, and some hip hop without a lot of gangsters standing around flexing.
  2. we are THE drama-free los angeles board

    Thanks for all the help and insight into showing my friend a good time in LA, guys! No. Weyes is a good moderator. I haven't been able to post much lately. Too busy. But, yeah, this board is drama free, that's fo sho.
  3. A decent time in LA. I'm throwing in the Brazilian because we may want to hit a Brazil night, with those dark, friendly, bootilicious Brazilian chicks, and the NYC part to let you know he's hard to impress. So whatever. Wherever the girls are cool, they're playing more hip hop than house, and there's a dance floor. That's what he likes. But we're open to whatever's hawt that night. Let me know. I've been too busy and lazy to check out the club scene so this weekend will be my chance to get a taste. hook me up!
  4. This Week's LALate 7-Day Planner Chart

    btw we're in our mid 20's so someplace not too young
  5. This Week's LALate 7-Day Planner Chart

    how come every time I hit the guest list link, all I see are a list of NYC spots? I need a place to take my NY friend this Friday and/or Saturday any suggestions?
  6. I got a call from my parents, something happened, I lost all will to come out. Nothing major. Next time. Hope everybody had fun.
  7. Canon S-30. It's sweet. I'll bring it. Jonyquest, why don't you come?
  8. I'm going to bring my sweet ass Canon digital camera unless somebody else wants to bring theirs. I'd almost rather not bring it cuz it's not as small as the really small, cute ones...
  9. MEET AND GREET [email protected] Vodka!

    Let's say one of us is buzzing after two hours of light drinking, too buzzed to drive. What then? I miss the subway at times like these. Still, Alex, you're a total pimp for hooking us up so nice.
  10. I'll be wearing pants made of pink and green feathers, a pair of scuba flippers for shoes, a garbage bag for a shirt, and a gorilla mask. I'll probably have a yellow electric guitar strapped on. If that's not enough just look for the Movado timepiece. Okay, 5 or 5:30, whatever. At the bar named earlier in this thread. Sweet.
  11. Right now I'm under the impression that I'm going to meet up with Alex and BlueStar at 5 for pre-get-together beers at a place next door. Is this right?
  12. I liked how the ugly one, Play, was supposed to be a player and crap. Kid was an awesome dancer. I remember copying his moves in junior high.
  13. I'll join the Kid N' Play kick step. There's nothing more breathtaking than a well executed three way kid N play kick step. Me and some friends started doing it one a trip through Europe once and all these people started watching us, they started crying then holding hands, and the next thing we knew everybody was tearing down the Berlin Wall. I'm not kidding. Our Kid N' Play kick step ended the cold war. No applause. I'm human just like you. I put on my pants one leg at a time. Except once my pants is on, I do the kid n play kick step and change the world.
  14. Back in school they used to dream about it everyday. I plan on already being halfway in the bag by the time 6:30 rolls along so $4 marg's sound perfect. I'm going to bring some dice so we can play Dungeons and Dragon. j/k