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  1. Recommend a Club night

    Hi, A friend of mine is comming to New York this weekend with his girlfriend. It's for her 21st birthday. I was hoping that you could recommend a few good club nights Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Their music taste is House. DJ's like Derrick Carter, Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillo. Any information I can pass on would be great! Thanks for any help Guy
  2. Essential Mix

    Hi mate, I'm from the Uk. I live in the North near Leeds. I'll try WinMX and see if I can get the mix. Sorry I cant help you with the Pete Tong mix. I was also in Ibiza this year back in August. What a club Pacha is! and Space is just plain mad. I loved just chillin down by Mambo's as well. Where did you go?
  3. Essential Mix

    Hi, is there anywhere that has an archive of the BBC Radio 1 Essentail Mixes? In particular I'm looking for the one by Roger Sanchez from April this year. If anybody has it hosted ona site I would love the link. Thanks Guy
  4. Attn Car Buffs: Y2K BMW Owners...

    Thanks mate You didn't get the turbo version of the impreza over there until the new WRX came out. The exhaust is straight through from the turbo back. The mid and back box is a HKS Super Dragger. The flat four burbble is fantastic It's just short of 260 bhp at the momment and will do 0-60 mph in 5 seconds........ not too bad I like the MR2's and the turbo's must be evil cars. I bet they are a handful in the wet being mid engined and RWD.
  5. Erick Morillo

    Get to the UK and Ibiza!! the man funking rocks and I've seen him 6 times this year!! last time he blew the roof off with Thrill me mixed with To Be In Love accapela!! He's been touring Europe..........
  6. Attn Car Buffs: Y2K BMW Owners...

    My car in the UK
  7. Hi

    I didn't make it to B2B the other week but I hope to be going this weekend. never had a bad night there. The Love Parade was awesome. Just a shame it cant happen again
  8. Hi

    Hi mate, I've been to Doncaster once. We went to the races for a Stag do and then into town. It was a few years ago now but we had a laugh. Have you been out in Leeds recently?
  9. Hi

    The Rehab thing is meant to be a sanctuary thing for the chemical generation....... all the bar staff are dressed in doctors and nurses uniforms. The front desk is like a check-in desk in at the doctors. It all sounds a bit naff but it works well. No offense about the accents..... if you've spoken to any Scotish people, Geordies (from Newcastle) or people from Liverpool then I'm not surprised you couldn't understand them.......I live hear and I struggle The summer festivals are really good. They had a Love Parade in the UK (Leeds) back in 2000 which was free with all the worlds top Dj's there. They think about 300000 people were there on the day....... It was a great place to be but unfortunately the locals complained after and there hasn't been another one since
  10. Hi

    Thanks I've been to code in Birmingham. It wasn't for Godskitchen though. The music @ gods is a bit too hard for my taste. A lot of the Super clubs in the Uk are folding. Cream has just shut. There are still loads of smaller clubs though that are definatley worth a visit. Sankey Soap in Manchester and Rehab in Leeds if you're visiting up north or London has loads of good clubs.
  11. Hi

    Hi there.............Do I fancy the board? the board is cool but I dont think I could ever fancy it
  12. Hi

    LOL @ nycmuzik2000 and ghhhhhost
  13. Hi

    Well, It's not all rosey back in England but I suppose at least you have your family and your mates back there.
  14. whats ur favorite scent??

    Aqua di gio, Issey for men and Channel Allure for men
  15. Hi

    Hi latinaz, So are you at work at the momment?