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  1. if u can thanx alot email [email protected] aim: daillestmattyg
  2. i wanna know how to promote for the upcoming teen nite oct 13. Guestlists or advance ticket info too if u have it thanx matt aim: daillestmattyg email: [email protected]
  3. Two Song IDS

    the first one was an old school vocal and when it came on i was like to my boy remember this song the lyrics were " and i miss you....like the deserts missed the rain" i know 99.9% people know this song but the beat i heard after the vocals was bangin not something i heard on the radio i was wondering if anyone know that mix with the banging beat? thanks the second one is a trance song that went "full intentions" at the beginning cant find at last it was a vocal right before the beat drop lyrics went "Free Fall" or "Free Fallin"
  4. 01_mauro_picotto-live_at_nature_one_2002-sat-08-04-2002-twc i just recieved sick set if you ask me i would appreciate if somone could post or send me the playlist. thanks in advance matt