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  1. Any Marques Wyatt reviews???

    nope.. the chorus was longer..
  2. Any Marques Wyatt reviews???

    well.. i don't know what the lyrics are because they were fast.. and its a male voice.... it was soulful though and really pretty.. i know that is not much to go on.. going to ask around.. and hum it to some people I know...
  3. Any Marques Wyatt reviews???

    Vaughn ... long time no talk.. Miss you guys! The party was awesome.. I had about 15 of my girlfriends there..and they all danced their bootys off to exhaustion that night.. Here are my pics from the night: http://photos.yahoo.com/gonedestro they are in the number #7 photo album... I saw lots of guys dancing up front too.. Awesome party! I got this song stuck in my head that he played.. I hope he comes back.. I haven't danced like that in a while.. Ray Coker comes into town in two weeks!!! So I am looking forward to that party as well... peace out, Maria
  4. August mixes - Deep House Music

    new mixes exclusively made for the hoochies from this month's party dj's: Master Kev, Kit e kat, Beatloaf http://www.hoochieproductions.com/partyprofiles/anniversary/kev.htm August Guest mixes: http://www.hoochieproductions.com/onlinemixes/djmixes.htm 1. Jojoflores (Therapy, GotSoul) 2. Keiran (Earthtone Soundsystem) 3. Qburns and Funky Transport 4. 'Miguel' Alvarez enjoy!
  5. Hoochies Present: Earthtone Soundsystem - Sat. June 28t

    tommorrow night!!!
  6. enjoy 1. Peter Bosco - GarageHouseMusic.com 2. (Orlando's own) BMF - Phat -N - Jazzy 10 3. Sheldon Prince - Soulfuric 4. KFM - Swimm Affair 5. Bernie - Global Soul Mix 2003 Hoochie Productions Exclusive 6. Qwest - 2003 Winter Music Conference "After Effect" - Trent'n Boyz 7. Jeff Mitchell - Deep South - [email protected] click for mixes: Hoochie July Mixes -------------------------------------------------- Reminder: This Saturday Night... Hoochies Present: Earthtone Soundsystem DJs (Keiran and Gary) opening set by Schwa (Hoochie Productions, Foundation Soundsystem) @ AKA Lounge (orlando, florida) - $6 cover / 21 and up We will be giving out Gary's exclusive hoochie mix and Keiran's funky mix out at the party. So get there early. Limited supplies. 2 for 1 drink specials before 12. Party Profile -------------------------------------------------- Brought to you by: http://www.hoochieproductions.com
  7. Hoochies Present: Earthtone Soundsystem - Sat. June 28t

    Check it out this saturday night!!! We will be giving away free Earthtone CD's at the beginning of the night. So get there early. also, 2 for 1 before midnight at aka lounge.. Its on!
  8. Hoochies Present: Earthtone Soundsystem - Sat. June 28t

    Next Saturday Night! --------------------------------- Earthtone Soundsystem Earthtone Soundsystem was formed in 1995 by a group of DJs who loved house music but had nowhere to play it. This fact, in combination with Gary Johnson's sound system, brought the whole thing together. We HAD to do it ourselves. We began throwing our own events. We had all elements taken care of: DJs, a sound system, sound techs, graphic designers and promoters. We're currently working on our new website www.earthtonesoundsystem.org , and of course, continuing our public park adventures. On the DL, we have more and better to come! Stay tuned! Keiran As a UK transplant, DJ Keiran has been an Atlanta staple for almost ten years. As one of the founding members of the notorious deep house collective Earthtone Soundsystem, he has been instrumental in nurturing Atlanta's flourishing house music boom. Keiran's style is firmly rooted in soulful house, but is well known to drop age-old classics. Under the guises of Upright and Spooky Jukebox, Keiran is currently hard at work in the studio writing a full-length album. Gary A transplant from England with a deep rooted love for house music. A founder member of earthtone soundsystem and half the production team trouble maker, although now concentrating on solo projects. Production credits include: Trouble making in the deep south", "Trouble on all sides" , "Moreland ave/euclid ave." read complete interviews and check out their mixes at:Party Profile http://www.hoochieproductions.com
  9. HOOCHIE PRODUCTIONS Presents: EARTHTONE SOUNDSYSTEM dj: KEIRAN and GARY Saturday, June 28th, 2003 @ aka lounge - $6 cover / 21 and up
  10. WMC2003 WMC 2003 was a blast. We hit tons of parties, heard amazing music, and met alot of very cool people. We will be posting some of the mix cd's that we picked up in Miami next week. Meanwhile, check out our collection of Photos from Miami --------------------------------------- WMC PARTY REVIEWS Check out Becky Kinnear's WMC2003 party reviews in our new party review section. "My name is Becky Kinnear (B*Strong) and I’ll be telling you how the house scene grooves in our sweet little town of Orlando. I grew up here and have been into house music ever since I first was exposed to it in 1998..........reviews page. brought to you by: Hoochie Productions
  11. THIS FRIDAY NIGHT! April 4th - Hoochie Productions Proudly Presents: Adieu Tag teaming: Guillermo & Schwa ( Hoochie Productions Resident DJ's) Hoochie Productions would like to thank Guillermo Gonzalez for all his help and support in getting us started as a promotions group. We wish him the best in his future in Barcelona. If any of you are in Barcelona.. contact us so we can hook you guys up! *Guillermo's official going away party before he boards the plane to Barcelona on Tuesday. - FOUR reasons to get there early on Friday 1) Get yourself a free cd. 2) 2 for 1 wells and calls before midnight. 3) Greet Hoochie Productions at the door from 10pm til 12. 4) 2 for 1 wells and calls before midnight. AKA LOUNGE (68 E. Pine Street) - $5 cover - 21 and up Brought to you by: Hoochie Productions Dj bio and mixes at: Hoochie Productions ------------------------------ We will miss you Guillermo!
  12. Hoochie Productions: Donna Edwards:Sat. Jan25:Orlando

    This saturday night! maria
  13. deep, funky, soulful house mixes..

    where are we at? we promote house parties in orlando, florida. here is the link to the mixes: http://www.geocities.com/hoochieproductions/onlinemixes/djmixes.htm We get guest mixes each month from people all over the u.s. Emjoy. maria
  14. deep, funky, soulful house mixes..

    Hoochie Productions January Mixes: Donna Edwards - Last month, Donna Edwards made music history. She became the first female to ever spin at Shelter in NYC. Respected for her skillful blend of high-energy classics, new jams and all musical genres in between, clubber’s can expect to be uplifted and thoroughly worked when she spins her dynamic set. Check her out this Saturday night at AKA Lounge at our January Party. ------------------------------------------------- Deep Swing - Deep Swing were formed in 1993 with their first release on Megatone Records, and since their first production Eric and JD have gone on to record tracks for labels like Yellorange, Soulfuric, Soulshine, Kult, Narcotic, and Suntune, during their career. Inspired by many music styles and influences, the Deep Swing sound is based around strong and funky musical arrangements, drawing on their own musical abilities, Eric is an accomplished Guitar player and JD is the main DJ of the duo, learning his craft in his hometown of Wisconsin, and playing in clubs across the USA. ------------------------------------------------- DJ Kabree - I grew up in East Orange, NJ. From a very early age I was influenced by the sounds of NY radio. I was too young to go out so I would stay up ‘til the wee hours of the morning listening to the sounds of the NY/NJ underground. I describe my music as an eclectic mix of Deep/Soulful house and Garage/Loft classics, where you'll hear everything from jazz interludes to Afro-beat and everything in between. -------------------------------------------------- DJ Six-Five - Known as one of the best track selectors and mixers in the gulf Coast, Six-Five always brings it funky and fresh. He is also the co-founder and of The Soul Liberation Front, a promotion crew dedicated to enlightening the masses to the sounds of house music. ------------------------------------------------ Mark Riva - Riva has fulfilled an ambition and personal goal with tenure in the leading groove kitchens from his hometown of Chicago to far horizons in Thailand, Moscow and Tokyo, moving vagabond-like across five countries and fifteen major cities in the spirit of adventure and opportunity. -------------------------------------------------- Click here to access all DJ MIXES Dj mixes http://www.hoochieproductions.com
  15. Hoochie Productions: Donna Edwards:Sat. Jan25:Orlando

    We will be giving out an exclusively made Donna Edwards CD. Limited amount. So get there early. ------------------------------------------------------------ Last month, Donna Edwards made music history. She became the first female to ever spin at Shelter in NYC. "As one of the most coveted DJ spots in all of New York club land, a prime time appearance at the legendary Club Shelter and home of the Maestro Timmy Regisford is very hard to come by. In fact, only the best of an elite class have been given the honor including Little Louie Vega, Kevin Hedge and Danny Krivit to name a few." Born in Brooklyn, New York in the mid 60's Donna Edwards is the youngest of her siblings. She was mesmerized and influenced by her father's talent, playing R&B, Jazz, Funk and Gospel. Her curiosity in music led her to club Better Days where Tee Scott was resident. Also New York's radio dance parties with dj's Timmy Regisford, Merlin Bob, Tony Humphries, Shepettibone, Paco and Dj Disciple helped fuel her thirst to become a dj. In 1982, Donna convinced her brother to purchase a small dj set. It's history from that moment. By 1991, she landed her first club residency with promoter Tracy Pridgen at Tre's Cafe on the west side in Manhattan mixing House and R&B Classics. Donna's talents soon led to other residencies at clubs Royston's, 1 Front St, Buddha Bar, Chameleon Lounge, Cafe Con Leche, Bklyn Cafe and the Silver Shadow. She is currently ripping the tables at the legendary Warehouse in the Bronx for promoters Charles Jackson and Mike Stone. Her mix shows are featured at Deephousepage.com website. She is currently aspiring to learn studio production and has edited countless songs to incorporate in her sets. Donna's zest and love for music has taken her to heights she has never imagined. Listen to her online mix on our site. http://www.hoochieproductions.com