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  1. I know this is self centered but....

    I know you, under a different name (Think Sundays on the Hutch, waaaay back in the day.)
  2. Any hot sobe sex stories?

    Did I miss something? Why does everyone from Miami hate OU812? (Sorry, don't read things religiously anymore). Do tell.
  3. presenting one of the hottest brunettes on the planet - Heidi Cortez!!!

    She has nasty feet.
  4. Would u work in the adult entertainment industry?

    I view it more as you didn't have the balls to go the full monty.
  5. someone explain this mess

    So how much are your hourly rates? In call? Out call? Overnight rate?
  6. this might sound crazy but I need HELP !!

    Dude, this girl is a ghetto ass asian.
  7. Fred Durst Mobile Sex Video

    He actually looks a bit chunkier and dirty old man to me. As soon as he turned that camera on his face I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth.
  8. *Post Your Ugly Mug Time*

    He's right. Toad was the all around best character to play that game because of his speed. Second was Mario because of balance, third was the princess because of the float/jump she could do and last was luigi. I can't believe I just fucking broke that down.
  9. Christina, big titty hotty

    Nah, she's already fat, some of those pictures you can see the cheese forming.
  10. Love Vs. Infatuation

    Will you please just get it over with and cheat on the guy already. The only reason you're asking this obviously answered question is because you subconsciously want someone to validate the bad behavior for you. Well guess what? It's bad behavior so it cannot, in actuality, be validated. But since I'm such a hell of a guy, I just validated it for you, so go out and be a whore! You're welcome.
  11. Christina, big titty hotty

    And even after a couple years, she STILL can't move her body worth a shit. She better stay away from feature dancing with those saddlebags.
  12. Christina, big titty hotty

    If she's already living in LA, I give her one more year until she's up in the valley doing three guys at a time, and liking it.
  13. Will Darkvixen produce a picture?

    And you're a bitch with a small dick for coming to her defense. Smile! You have much to live for.
  14. Which personality type are you more attracted to?

    Doubtful. You just think that, because if you are indeed hot, guys will put up with lack of skills just to tap something that's asthetically pleasing, and then not tell you the truth. Because hey..a hole is a hole (as long as it's not sloppy and loose).
  15. Will Darkvixen produce a picture?

    Bullshit. If you're miss 'Dress to impress' the whole point of your existence is to get guys to ogle you, therefore reaffirming your femininity. I don't know a single hot chick that doesn't at least have one or two quick snapshots that show themselves off well ready and holstered at all times. Whether it be digital camera or camera phone, every hot chick has pictures of herself. So that tells me that: A) You're not hot You're a fatty Or C) (and this is the most probable one) You're both fat and and ugg at the same time! Salud, fatty!