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  1. ecstacy question

    i took the roll yesterday....afterall it did make feel like the happpiest person on earth...i was having the best fukin time i ever had...i smoke three hits of quality pot and was feeling so good ....so to clear all the bullshit it does make effect if your young ..
  2. ecstacy question

    i still think that ecstacy isnt so intense after all
  3. ecstacy question

    ive been a heavy pot user since 8th grade..now i am at 10th grade...ive been a person who likes to experiment with drugs..i have a problem because i always wanted to do X but once i took X i was dissapointed because it wasnt intense like i expected...ive done rolex and blue double stack dolphins..is it that these rolls arent intense or is it that rolling isnt so intense after all ????
  4. ecstacy question

    what is the difference of the effects between puttin the pill in your ass and swalow it...is it better ..is it worth it ?
  5. pseudo ephedrine?

    what are the effects and the doses....
  6. ecstacy (butterfly)??

    butterfly logo pills how are they???