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  1. NEEDED: S & D tickets!

    Referring to the post about supply and demand, I'd say on point. You can never do anything too early, especially buying hot tickets. Not being smart ass, just wouldnt want to see something like this happen to you again. Get there early, so that if it's true (?) that they're selling more at the door, you can be first in line.
  2. Nothing is guaranteed, especially about running a door. We once nearly got turned away at Studio 54, even though we had will call. They had let in peeps to buy at the door, and the place was "over the fire limit." Had to keep our cool, and talk real nice to the doorman. Find it hard to believe that after the advance buyers start to trickle down for SND, Crobar won't start letting in the line of non-holders that might run down to 10th ave. Gambling with your $42 isn't too bad, but do you want to gamble with your fun night ?
  3. advanced tix for S/D

    Bought mine at the club store a week ago. Probably still selling there, unless it's all OL or selling out. Anyone know if selling out ?
  4. Tickets are (were?) on sale in the Club store across from coat check out. Anybody know how it's moving, if it will sell out ?
  5. SASHA & DIGWEED are back in nyc the 12th!!!!!!!

    Hey, tickets are (were) on sale at the Club's store up by the coat check out, not on line yet. Opinions, please: think it'll sell out, and we should try to buy as soon as available OL ?
  6. Biggest Reason Ny Scene Has Faded...

    I don't know if I'm exactly on point here, but it seems the closest forum to comment on the snobbish door policies at the new places. Trying to build a rep as cool-ppl-filled and 50% girls. They turn away, many times permanently, the business of ppl they piss off. By the time they get real, it's too late to reverse the red ink. Let's see if I understand this: they turn away common ppl to build the image, so as to get volume. But doesn't volume mean a lot of common ppl ?
  7. club Deep?

    Be sure to have even match-up w/ girls and guys. Deep still has that no-single-guys door. Their day will come.
  8. Video Webpage

    VIDEO WEBPAGE: http://hometown.aol.com/vids9/
  9. Video Webpage

    VIDEO WEBPAGE: http://hometown.aol.com/vids9/
  10. Party hype's

    Some party hypes are right on, others bullshit. Thanksgiving eve, got the advance tix to Float. Dumbass. Hour after doors open, no one in line, few dozen people rattling around inside. Left, went past Avalon, line around corner. Same at Plaid, but went for it anyhow. Anyhow....choose carefully, and stick to the "names" clubs.
  11. Webpage

    VIDEO WEBPAGE: http://hometown.aol.com/vids9/
  12. Webpage

    VIDEO WEBPAGE: http://hometown.aol.com/vids9/
  13. WTF is up with the Reality Shows?!

    Not even the concept of reality shows interests me. I face reality every day, especially now, in the hard battle for a job, and living with the prospects of what might happen to the world. So when time comes to relax (finally), I treat myself to a a little escape from reality, and watch a mystery, etc. A psychologist once told me we're entitled, to a reasonable degree. Oh, I do watch some reality -- news, history channel -- and sports (no, not Yankees)
  14. Friday (also V-day) slow ?

    I ended up at Arc, but seems everyplace else before that was slow. Did I go to wrong places, terrorist alert. or is Fridays just slower ? Vue was a complete dud. They managed to fill the VIP, open for the V-day promo, but the main floor was about 25% Saw people leaving before midnite, and when I left about then, NOBODY in line outside. What goes up must come down. When they opened, owner told the POST that "...if they don't have the right look, they don't get in." Heard that before, like from Spa, who now lets anyone in. Not that it spoils anything there. Newest "hot" spot, Flow, is having their turn at the snob policy, and they wouldnt honor clubplanet list Fri nite. Well, like I said, what goes up.... So except for Arc, Friday V-day bombed for us. Anybody know how we could have avoided that ?
  15. Capitale NY

    Yes, what does "creative black tie mean?" assume it means pretty dressy, but how dressy. Also, does Capitale expect to sell out. I mean, how big is that place ?