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  1. Does a place like that exist? I've been out many times, for many b-days. I've bought bottles, for groups of 4 to groups of 15-20. Every club I've been to, there has been an issue at the door. Bouncers act retarded. Sometimes I'll have friends that end up not getting comps even though bottles were bought. This Saturday is my best friends 30th b-day. I want to give NYC one more shot and take her where they play a good mix of music ( not that crap that deejay's do now where they play a song for half a mili second and then switch to a new song ) I would love for the club to honor bottle service and not hassle my guests. Most importantly what's the deal with getting bottle service and waiting on a line longer than the general admission line? I don't get it. So if anyone out there promotes or has any suggestions for a place like this, please let me know.. Thank you so much
  2. hmmmm...I'm flying in on Thursday. I should check it out. What is the cover charge?
  3. I need tickets! I was going to get them this past Sunday and have them delivered to me and of course I'm waiting on people to answer me back if they are going or not. I checked Sunday night and the price went up and they no longer will deliver and it's only Will Call. I have had 2 bad experiences with Will Call, once in Vegas and the other time in Miami. Both times they told me that they over sold the venue. If anyone has or knows someone that is selling tickets, I will pick them up myself or pay for shipping.
  4. Memorial Day Weekend....

    thank you jamesstratus... you rock! I hope I didn't offend anyone here. It's not that I don't like hip-hop, I do, but when I came for MDW a few years back, I was so dissapointed with the crowd. People were purposely looking for a fight, god forbid someone thought you looked at them wrong. The streets were filled with garbage. I remember I was eating at some resturaunt, and these cop cars pulled up real fast and they came out of the car with guns drawn. I also remember standing online at some club and as we waited the price of admission went up to $150, because they said Busta Rhymes was in there. I mean really it was insane. Thank you all for the suggestions.....
  5. Memorial Day Weekend....

    sorry about that, the darn thing kept asking me to repost it in 30 seconds, lol
  6. Memorial Day Weekend....

  7. Memorial Day Weekend....

    Thank you onisakura...lol
  8. Memorial Day Weekend....

    thank you for your quick replies, but I know to stay away from South Beach. I just thought someone might have names of clubs that are not located in South Beach, other than Space ( thanks to the person who suggested that )
  9. Memorial Day Weekend....

    ...I know, stay away from South Beach and believe me I will. One year my girlfriends wanted to stay in SB for MDW and I had the worst time of my life..I think I cried a few times. Anyhow, unfortunately I will be in Florida that weekend, don't ask me why, I just have to be down there for business. It sucks but I need to make the best of it. Can anyone tell me where I can go that will NOT be ghetto and play some house/techno music? Thanks! xoxoxoxo
  10. what's Ikon like on Friday??

    well thanks for the info. I actually wanted to check out Avalon, cuz I love Tony Draper, so I may have to decide which one to go to. Thanks guys!!!!!
  11. Hello all, just wonderin if any of you checked out Ikon on a Friday. I've been there only on Saturdays and I have a friend from out of town that wants to go out. To save money we want to go on Friday cuz it's free b4 12:30 with guestlist or invite, so if anyone can give me some info that would be great! Thanks!
  12. Spirit Rules! Devito Friday ~ JP Saturday

    JP is a little boring. When I used to go to Sound Factory, from the moment I walked in he would be spinning a song and an hour later it was the same friggin song. Most of his music has what appears to be a build-up and the song would climax and you're there dancing getting all excited cuz the song seems like it's going to go nuts and bleh, goes right back to the beginning to a basic techno beat that has been blaring in your ears for the past two hours. I know this will piss off a lot of JP fans, and maybe I'm wrong cuz he might have changed his style but anytime I went to SF , JP's songs were so long and uneventful that it made me wanna
  13. Did anyone go to the Final Boo at Webster Hall?

    you are right leener, SOE parties are definetly not the way they used to be. Even the people that go to their parties were giving me bad vibes.
  14. Did anyone go to the Final Boo at Webster Hall?

    Boo should have been outdoors, like last year at Randall's Island. That place is huge! Unfortunately they couldn't get that location again because it is under construction.
  15. You're all stupid.

    I don't get it.