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  1. Sunbathing/Tanning?

    I LOVE being tan but honestly, tanning beds make me hallucinate, which can't be a good sign. Does this happen to anyone else? I still do it sometimes but I'll wait for the sun thanks!
  2. The left misfires on the Bush WMD "lies"

    OK listen: 1. A bipartisan lie is still a LIE 2. If there were sufficient WMDs to pose a threat to the US, and we still have not been able to find them, then WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY? Is this something like the thousands of Iraqi military battalions that just disappeared? Were they looted or something? I can´t believe you are still trying to argue this TIRED and illogical point. Even Bush and Blair have now admitted that oil, among other things, played a "decisive role" in their actions.
  3. Aviater sunglasses.....

    I have a pair of Chanel ones.....But I don´t think they´re really aviators, they just don´t have frames around the lenses and are kinda big. But I like em I think they´re fly.
  4. Brazilian Jeans...

    They don´t really look that low actually- I think the Levi´s too lows are better. Just my opinion.
  5. What color schem can go with A white kangol

    White shirt and gray pants (NOT jeans) would look good.
  6. Question about flying..

    I end up carrying something pretty much every time I fly. Especially within the States it is usually not a big deal. Keep just a few pills or something on you or in your carryon though, in light of these new checked baggage searches. If you have large amounts though a good way is always to wrap whatever you have in plastic and put in inside an opaque shampoo or lotion bottle and then put that in with all your other personal items.
  7. Word where is THE WHOLE WU TANG CLAN you guys? Come on now. And by the way I thought this was supposed to be the hiphop board- Don´t you listen to anything in NY that isn´t on MTV?
  8. Iraq mass grave could total 11,000

    Wait.....I might be wrong about this, but wasn´t the 1991 uprising the one we DID encourage, by funneling weapons through Iran, then when it went wrong turned our backs and let the people be massacred? Which has nothing to do with what is going on now....it was a different administration, but still....
  9. did anyone hear George's speach this AM

    Maybe it is because the US was trying to get support from Jordan. The weekend before Bush's speech one of the top officials of the Palestinian resistance was assasinated by a bomb dropped on his car while he was driving home from work. the population of Jordan is largely Palestinian and everyone knows the US supports Israel, so the massive protests in Jordan were also anti-American, meaning they are definitely not going to lend us military support. Unless Bush says something.
  10. Rumsfeld Screws Blair over

    Yeah this will go down as a great day in diplomacy......how to alienate ALL your allies simultaneously, by Donald Rumsfeld
  11. did anyone hear George's speach this AM

    I don't think so 25% of all US foreign aid still goes to Israel.
  12. How to bring drugs on planes????

    Advil bottles are totally safe-what I want to know is how to bring at least 10 grams of coke on a plane (over the Mexican border) I was thinking shampoo bottle?
  13. Six Iraqis Die in Allied Air Raid

    what´s really sad is, who are you going to believe, the U.S. (?) or Iraq(?) Neither is exactly known for being reliable. Talk about propaganda machines.
  14. U.S. educational system is definitely deeply flawed-I don´t know about designed to create factory workers, I think that would be a simplified and cynical statement. I think it is just grossly inadequate. But I don´t think Sweden is fair comparison, since Sweden is a much smaller, richer and ethnically and economically homogeneous country.