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  1. Look at what the cat dragged in!!!!

    my vagina hurts. \
  2. New CP AWARDS Thread (just copy n paste your answers)

    "Deserves an asskicking" award [male] - Jonyquest "Deserves an asskicking" award [female] - anyone who supports Jonyquest oh fuck this i'm going to sleep.
  3. no no no

  4. Attn: Notallthere

  5. Look at what the cat dragged in!!!!

    i know is true.. yes is true.. what is going on miami?
  6. Yo.....

    i'm allways right.
  7. i am thinking about going back to jersey after graduation

    yeah.. i guess.. but florida sucks.. their is no future here, plus florida laws are weird. at least here in pensacola. I want to live in miami because i like the warm weather... i don't know.