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  1. how often do ladies.....?

    i amy be an exception to most women! i'm 25 years old and i porn surf everyday! my boyfriend doesn't necessarily agree but this is what i enjoy. and the best part is, he shouldn't be mad, i lokk at mostly women! to find men i porn is hard. then they never refer to the mans names so you never know who to look for on your next search!!
  2. Cheating...

    are worth forgiving. even cheating...... take all things and circumstances into consideration. i've had clouded judgement a time or two myself. it takes a better person to admit their mistakes and REGRETS.
  3. three some's......

    and there's never a good ending to these things.. i'm telling you in most of these cases someone ends up with some issues. and i don't necessarily mean the women. . my ex and i tried this on three different occasions. he just wasn't the person to include, at all..... he even got jealous of the female that joined in. i kind of gave him reason to an extent. he came home for lunch the next afternoon and walked in on me and her... so, you must make sure you're both on the same page so things go smoothly. the best thing we ever agreed to was: if one of us had to leave the room for something, nothing would happen while the other one was out of the room. that kept everyone from wondering " what happened when i left the room".... think things through...
  4. 1st thing you do after sex. . .

    smoking that joint comes first! at least for me. then, straight to the shower, without a doubt. thank god there's two showers ,(his and mine)...... then, relight that joint ........ and of course waitng around for round two...
  5. Ever Complain About A Bad Blow Job...

    had a complaint about ANY blow job i've given. but if i did, i think my first reaction would depend on whether or not it was before or after i was finished. if before, i would stop what i was doing and take full control, cum , then leave that dude hangin'.
  6. when is a reltionship secure enough for threesomes....

    real.... dibs ...depends .what makes you think your so special???
  7. oral and intercourse...

    everyone sleeping?
  8. oral and intercourse...

    qouth, i think you hit it on the head!! sorry , bad expression... the one that say they have talent are full of it.. the quite ones are usually better!!!! and perns2002, send them baby!!!! standards come in all different situations!!! got to be over 25!! no young boys.. clean cut but, not square.. got to enjoy that 4:20..... men have equal problems with women. so i'm not ragging on the men. men bitch about women slacking on blow jobs after time passes in their relationship. is it all worth it??
  9. Ex's, broken hearts, & new starts

    about sex with the x is spectacular.......
  10. when is a reltionship secure enough for threesomes....

    um, to answer teklord310, women of course! i'm bi sexual.... i think we're good enough friends... but, i don''t think it's worth the chances involved.. not involving him!!!
  11. my boyfriend just recently mentioned threesomes. we've both done it before in other relationships but, not together. how do you know if your secure enogh? in the past it caused problems...
  12. Art of Female Masterbation

    baby oil is a must. they now even have baby oil gel. so, it's not as messy!!!! it makes things much better..
  13. oral and intercourse...

    are these guys? tell them to hang signs from there necks. it would make it much easier for us women.
  14. Giving Good Head!!!

    i love giving my boyfriend head. it's an art. caressing, sucking and licking. knowing what your man likes when he's receiving is very important. deep throating or just sucking and licking on the head. you always know what he likes by the expression on his face. most importantly, always look up at him when your giving him head!! being "into" it, is everything. you have to be in the mood!!! nust be sensual...
  15. oral and intercourse...

    i'm 25. been looking for the man with all qualities. and ladies you know where i'm coming from. a man who enjoys and can eat pussy. and of course the awesome sex! how hard is it to find? are there men out there that are capable of suceeding all the above? i have found men who can really eat pussy but, that's it! or the man who is awesome in bed but, tries like hell to eat pussy but CAN'T.. am i alone ladies? and men have problems finding the perfect girl who cangive the perfect blow job!!!