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  1. >>WHAT Makes MAny NYC CLUBS Suck?

    well without the owners, we wouldnt have clubs. without partners we wouldnt have orginization. without promoters, we wouldlndt have enough poeple in clubs....
  2. What is YOUR website?

  3. doesnt sound too bad, but wats wit grey goose sponsering everyones parties now
  4. Club Entrance

    damn, your post made my computer freeez ga dammit
  5. Smokeout?

    i hear ya.. but i gues its a good thing... in 2002 the 9th most dangerous / hazerdous job in america was Bartender.. crazy huh, if they outlawed cigs, then it would be the new weed... the black market would be flowing with cigs..
  6. Ali Landry

    i look better then she does... but she has a better body then mua
  7. Fact Of The Day

    elephants are the only mammals that cant jump
  8. def a georgeus setting at NV...
  9. www.SeductivNightLife.com
  10. Exit Friday...

    tuff choice. but some great dj's. dunno
  11. Is Factory Open??

    fridays shut, sundays open
  12. so your sayin taking drapers name off will bring in more poeple? another ignoramous. draper was the reason for the last 3 years why david m made millions of dollas, the last thing to do is take his name off.. peace out girl scout
  13. why the ignorant remark... im not a big fan of Tony draper.. but i htink he;s good to the crowd.. but anyways, ofcrouse poeple pay to listen to him.. HMmmmmmm anyone who has a residnecy at a club for 3 years means they bring in the poeple, and not only poeple, but enbough to pack a place out to capacity... so i think you been hit in the head too many times wit pots and pans making such an autistic remark
  14. What is happenning in Exit?

    well your the veteran, why u askin us