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  1. Sorry but Ft.lauderdale will continue to be irrelevant. No matter how many hot chicks,how many cool dj's you bring, it won't make a difference. Too many reasons to mention. One of them is. No one of any importance in the music biz comes to Florida to hit the Ft.Lauderdale strip. Its a totaly wack place, mostly consisting of drunk rednecks wearing Harley Davidson bandanas and boxer underwear as shorts. Also, if you think Miami does not support its scene, wait till thursday rolls around in good ole Lauderdale. Tumble weed city. Lauderdale will always be the Jersey of South florida, its ok,but the real action is always in the city. The city in this case being Miami.
  2. Oscar G B-day Extravaganza: Space : This Saturday Night

    Happy B day to the G funk master Oscar G! Will definately be there on Sat to hear how the pro's do it. Check out the "Be Yourself" forum on Tenaglia's site. Bday shout outs for the G man all the way from the NYC!!! http://www.dtourism.com/
  3. Jeb Bush declared winner...

  4. Danny Howell's reviews?????

    kick ass:afro:
  5. Biz's Birthday

    Sorry, but incase you didn't notice, this guy killed the dance floor! Put me and half the club to sleep. I saw Oscar trying to pump some life back into the corpse that was the space dancefloor, but to no avail. Not even David Copperfield could of made that crowd re apear. dead by 6
  6. Attention Oscar G!!!!!!!!

    What label is this Devito CD on?
  7. Danny Krivit!!!!

    LOL danny has been around since the dark ages. Why hasn't anyone brought him down? Cause no one here will go out to listen to him. no one here knows or cares to know of him. too bad, the guy is one of the last remaining dinosaurs, and a real talent.
  8. By the way, how was SUperchumbo?

    We came, We saw, We fell asleep. Was a little borring. Sounded like that 1998 gay sound.
  9. what the fuck was oscar thinking?

    Anybody could use any song for their commercials without permission of the writer or publisher. I dont' think Oscar would authorize use for a spot of rival club.
  10. The offcial Saeed and Palash, Saleen351 review..

    I agree, Roland has been stepping up to the plate lately and been dropping some nice sets. Everyone I know seems to be digging his style lately, and yes I do think he has his own style. To say he doesn't I think is an insult. Kudos to Roland. To answer your question though, and to be frank as that seems to be the trend here, let me say that Oscar Is the better of the two by a considerable length. Not to cause controversy or anything, but I think its fact. Not to take anything away from Roland, but I could remember when space first open. His musical selection and mixing left plenty to be desired. Same goes for his stint at spin. It has only been lately that he has been comming into his own and I think he should be commended for that. But I seriously could never say that I can't tell the difference between the two. I've been following the MURK guys and Oscar since 1992 and have had the pleasure of listening to different sets of theirs at different venues, and let me tell you that Oscar's knowledge of the music runs deep. He has been consistent from the begining and has been satisfying crowds from Tokyo to London for over a decade, and yes he has a considerable production catalog that dates back to the Sound Factory anthem "Some Lovin". Some of us are born with tallent and some of us have to work hard at it. Hats off to the ones that work hard and make something of themselves. Oscar though, I think falls into the first catagory.
  11. MY FRIDAY NIGHT @ SPACE !! (edgar v) please read !

    was at space to see edgar last week, man dropped some crzy tunes.. outta hand:eek:
  12. Murk @ Space this Saturday, September 21st.

    OFFF DA CHAIN!!!! MURK SLAMMEDD!! Wherd they get Dark Beat Dude????
  13. Jets crash in Miami

    (today's special- Ass of Jets) scuze me sirs. How would you like yer ass? Fried, grilled, or flame broilled?