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    R U Kidding me? Is is it already 7pm Sunday Night? I don't care. I'm not leaving SF
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    New York BABY!
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    CPI in the Summer, SF in the Winter, and breathnig in between.
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    Doesn't matter, as long as I'm gettin paid.
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    What the F_ _ _K? My pic didn't come up. Gotta stop smokin.
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    So, I see there's a lot of Roxy, music lists out there, bu does anyone have music lists from SF???
  3. Does anybody know what the name and who mixes the song I always here at Sound Factory? It has a guy in it talkin about "If I'm in the bathroom looking around, does that mean I'm gay? The bass in this song is Excellent, or it could just be the fact that I'm out of my mind, and standing in front of a speaker the same size of me. LOLOL. Any help would be much appreciated.