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  1. Halloween Maskarade this FRI, OCT 29th!!!

    definitely comin out for this, can't wait i know i can count on sicck siICKK beats whenever i come to check the party out... props to the people who run the party, concept's good with those local artists comin up to do their art while the djs spin their house and hiphop luv it, luv it, luV IT! Think I'll be the sexeh Aaliyah from her movie Queen of the Damned if I can wing it DJ Jerry Dunn and everyone better be dressed up or else you're See yA chickybugs!
  2. NJ Angel

    HAPPPPPPYYYYYY BIRTHDAY BABYDOLL!! hope you liked our singing voicemail, see ya either friday or sunday, xoxoxo
  3. Mark Amatucci returns to platinum

    yeaaaaaaaaa!!!!! im actually done with school 4evrrrrrr, im def comin out for this.. grace + 4 PLEAZ thanks steves!
  4. Platinum Review

    yeeep! hope to bump into u in sobe miss diva
  5. Ever dated a clubber?

    havent..never have and i dont think i will unless a guy is passionate about other things too its great to share the same interest such as clubbing, but one day i think we'll grow out of this phase and this is why there should be more to him than clubbing just my own deal...and ysolt, HAH!
  6. Platinum Review

    Nice seein everyone, anthony's hot jalapeno dorothy, my girl erin! (sorry BG shes mine now), BG and T, miss vera, spygirl the diva, even hunnie came out to our lil friday nite home.. very happy the whole dancing crew was there (steve just kills me with his vivacious moves) and yes wtf was up with the napkins rick hah! finally got to dance with you, u ripped it papi! mr greyskky, yknow u were cleanin up the floor for YOURSELF hun, stop blaming it on me! oh and....SEE U IN MIAMI, luv ya babe we gotta thank the gods for last fridays plat because if it never happened, we wouldnt ever have had something as special as joe armenio's mangled pic :laugh:
  7. Wave Lounge Tonight??????????

    luvd the nite luvd the nite luvd the nite nice seein all of u there, esp my lovely mamis and papis who can moooove like no other (extra hugs for richard simmons on speed, chris, walter, tash and gretch).. got there pretty late so i cant say much about jay and ed (im sure they did a great job) but i know kyle dropped the beats we loved, people were def up and dancing, madame circles was pretty happy bout that! gretch my blonde babydoll, PM me ur # so i can call u and/or Tash if u guys feel down for the PJ partyyyy! i wanna gooooo!
  8. My lil Abyss review

    and where wer u last nite mr dom dee dom dom?! hey hey watch it....we know manny was rippin shit up..we were in the same room as u! it just so happens everytime u saw me i was tryin to get air outside (well that and i had to support my friend who spun at the lil room for a bit)... anywayz that main room was hot as a mofo and i couldnt dance without hitting somebody or somebody just plowing right into me ..goddammit i hate being tiny anywayz i had a blast, it was a helluva good party
  9. Still wanna party tonight...

    hey steve, i think im stopping by today! got a question for u tho, ill hit u up on AIM or something.
  10. Metro Last nite......

    i agree with you 100%, everytime i go to metro, the he/she/it dancing kills it for me i just wanna go home cuz my adrenalin goes down to negative fifty let the petition begin!!! i still had a great time anyway altho it did seem like a lot of freaks came out to play... wish i met more cp people tho ....george u probably dont remember me cuz i met u for one second but it was nice meetin the infamous george anyway (shonette introduced me to u, i was the lil chick with the white fuzzy kangol hat)... lock16 nice to finally have met ya and liqidtouch, i met u at plat that cancer drive nite and actually saw u at metro friday but wasnt 100% positive it was u so i didnt come up... see u guys soon and hope to meet more u next time
  11. club characters

    saw the metro floor dancer for the first time on friday, ay caramba! he actually came up to me and complimented my dancing and told me if he wasnt so tired he would dance with me (he danced beside me anyway after sayin that ) and he actually gave me pointers, he said the only thing i can improve on is by doing my moves on both directions, left and right...well how come he only does his moves in the diving down direction very nice guy tho, but def whack one more guy would be the heavy guy who dances in abyss from opening til closing on the stage every freakin wednesday...he's the the-subway-diet-didnt-work-for-me-so-im-doing-the-sway-for-5-straight-hours-at-abyss-workout
  12. bored at work; what to do?

    stop being bored...cuz its ur bday so party like its ur bday, sip bacardi like its ur bday ... poor baby, i dunno, go blow up bday balloons or somethin...or tell steve or da feg to let u go home alreaaaadyyyy! love u sweetcakes, sowee wish i could help!
  13. This weds at PLATINUM

    im going! happy bday stevey wonder
  14. everybody has said this but whatever ill say it again...i had the best time ever at plat on friday...to everybody in the wave lounge that nite, i love y'all, esp my lovely mamis and papis! the vibe was sick, the crowd was goin and everybody was not just partyin with their own friends..everybody was partyin with everybody else! (uh yea sure, did that make sense?! ) good to meet new people and happy to see old faces i havent seen in so long! see everybody next friday gretch babydoll, thanks for the hair compliments, muah! prettyricky, thanks for the drink babe!