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  1. Spring Break!!!!!!!!

    ok this spring break is awesome so far. but I have only been to FtL ......... I am so ready to hit up SoBe. I will deff. be there fri and sat. O G & roland!!!!! cant beat it.
  2. This Saturday @ Space!!

    Will Oscar G be playing at Space this weekend.. maybe friday night??
  3. patio at space

    you got the right idea.... but i like to roll downthere around 3am or so when im down here in miaim! good call though!!!!!!!!
  4. SoBe/ FtL...hmmm SoBe

    :( :(
  5. SoBe/ FtL...hmmm SoBe

    ok I figured it out. thanks to those who told me what the vibe is like! gonna hit up FtL for a short bit to get drunk... but gotta head down to SoBe for the clubs (i.e. SPACE). Does anyone know what is happing at space tomorrow night till the sun comes up ???
  6. SOBE or FtL

    so I'm flying in to FtL on tuesday, but should I just go straight to SOBE... how are the vibes in both places:confused:
  7. Mar. 11-16.... WHAT TO DO?

    Gonna be down in south beach from march 11-16. My spring break ends before the WMC:mad: but at least I'll be in Miami for a week. Just wanted to know what house shows are happining on these days!
  8. before thanksgiving

    Are there gonna be any big house names in DC before thanksgiving?