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  1. hey iam sorry, didnt know down here they charge for vip's unless you promote or are some one that earned it. i understand what you are saying i mean i was helping promote for zenfest since april me and my team of 12 passed out over 500,000 flyers all over texas arkansa and arizona. we earned are vip's and we still all had all access. iam not from ny so i was wondering if i could buy some vips it makes things alot easier to try to book some talent or talk to the right people when you can talk to them face to face.i will tell you what how about if i find some vips for sale would you want one a trade mark i learned from my friends in cali is to throw a vip bracelet to a complete stranger because a normal party goers perception is amped up to the dream to meeting those dj's that influence them that just like me and many others persue a positive more constructive way in human unteraction . if it was'nt for this music i myself would have been in prison or dead by now,you dont know the way things are down here so much hate so much ignorence. and unlike every other person who has come and gone iam gonna stay here in texas and make something for my city,give back to my communtiy and help out where ever i can . because that is who iam throwing that faith to the stranger who enjoys this scene as much as i do...do you follow me, echo??
  2. oh my bad i mean a back stage pass or full access so i can talk to manageers of dj's or even the dj's them selves talk to the wonderful wizards who put the show together and learn from them,. if any body can get me a price i would apreciate it..
  3. i am just a freshman but so far any chance i can donate plasma to add a little extra to my monthly bill it helps out, also save about 10 bucks and go play 10 cent bingo you will be surprised of how much you can make!!! other then that i promote my ass off and help out as much as possible at party's every little bit of cash goes to school first and party second. i am majoring in entertainment bizz so i wish you good fortune in what ever field you decide on and hope evevery thing will work out..peace and faith for the scene...
  4. hey thank you echostar what type of muzic do u like do you know how much it is for vip or platnum??
  5. hey hey how is it going ny peeps , this is my first post iam a promoter from texas san antonio to be exact and need everyones help. recieved a flyer for boo 7 at texas zenfestaval this weekend. and iam stoked and geared up to go i have never gone out of texas for a party except going to mexico. will travel all the way from down south all the way to party with all you cool people in ny. just convinced me and my best friend for-d to come with me. we are coming up friday night,gonna stay in nyc. if any party peeps would like to be are guides let me know . in the future here in texas we are gonna start throwing events, helped promote zenfest all over texas[big ass state] got to hang out with x-men,ak1200,mc ? on stage, i also write for a texas mag called feedbackmagazine, would love it if some cool peeps could show some texas boys the way around the big city[iam hispanic not a redneck me and my boy have been dancing since 15] would apreciate it please hit me back up..peace here is a pic of me and my boy for-d at a party called airport this is a old pic of us from a year ago we are much sexier now ladies[just kidding] peace&faith in are scene