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  1. Widelife-I don't want you (Thunderpuss mix)

    It is DEZROK. yes DezRok has similarities to that of Thunderpuss. You also have to look at the fact that he also works a bit with Hex. The sound of "Circuit" is changing; which is great! Like Guido has proven since breaking with Razor, DaMooch(Mike Mucchi), Hex & Quayle and even Chris & Barry -- it's going a bit Darker with the Tracks. Not so DAMN Fluffy!!!! Anyway I have it on MP3 format. I can only transfer it through my AIM. Check out my AIM screen "Flizz" and e-mail me with a time to set up to send. Enjoy!!! SisterSin
  2. Widelife-I don't want you (Thunderpuss mix)

    Unfortunately it is not Thunderpuss. The only remix of Widelife that they have done is "6 feet Under" I will do some checking and see if I can not find it for you. Sistersin
  3. It's official - Psycho n' Teri are leaving Crobar

    Well yes Val & Teri have officially left Chicago's Famed Crobar! Don't fret, many of wonderful and great things are in store for everyone at the new SoundBar. It is to be what Crobar was 10yrs ago. The Hard House Sista's will triumph once again in Chi Town. I'm also sure that Psycho & Teri will do their best to implement Interactive Saturdays again. I know for a fact that Psycho is very excited about this new venture. Give em' Hell!! The sound is to be incredible from what Psycho said, as well as the lights. Capacity is to be around 2500 legally! Ha Ha. Best of Everything to Psycho and Teri SisterSin