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  1. Attention All Ladies...need Some $$$

    I will be bartending there
  2. Attention All Ladies...need Some $$$

    The owner and I will be there tomorrow afternoon after about 2pm. Come down and fill out an application and audition. Email me with your name and your phone number.
  3. BARTENDERS AND DANCERS WANTED.... :bootysha: LOOKING TO MAKE SOME EXTRA CASH FAST??? A newly renovated gogo bar in the Garfield/Passaic area is looking to hire bartenders and dancers for all shifts. They are set to open Sept. 15th at 6pm. If anyone is interested please contact me at: [email protected]
  4. Hoboken ?

    Anyone ever been to LoLa'a?? Someone told me they have great good there. Decisions decisions
  5. Hoboken ?

    Going to Hoboken tonight for a bit... can anyone recommend someplace chill for apps and cocktails around 730-8pm??
  6. Whose going out tonight???

    Kosta... like i didn't know you would be there. shesh. I think me and my girls will be there 2nite.
  7. Time to get my drink on... Had such an aggrevating week. Where's everyone headed??
  8. Pink Elephant...

    Has anyone been here?? I think I will be enjoying a chill NYE here with about 12 of my friends. Just curious if anyone has heard anything.. or been there. ) thanks
  9. Chus & Ceballos @ Canal Room, Thu 1/13

    Nice guys.... may have to pop back into the city on a Thurs for this one!
  10. Junior at Crobar

    I'm so mad that I missed this party... none of my damn friends would pick up their phones sunday am!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  11. suggestions for a place to go out to dinner in north jersey for NYE?? Me and my girls are looking for a place with good food and a chill atmosphere... South City Grill is our choice so far.... anyone???
  12. NYE with my girls...

    Hey anyone know of some good restaurants in the North Jersey area that has good food and a chill atmosphere for me and my girls to go to on NYE???
  13. studio 4..........

    Def had a great time there last nite.... oh and by the way - the umbrellas that the vallet guys had to walk us to the door... was a nice touch!!! Place is hot. Good crowd, great martinis.. couldn't have asked for more.
  14. So where is everyone headed 2nite??

    hey hun - yes this is Louie's ex girlfriend. Im good and u? I just moved up to Lodi last month, so me and my girl are gonna check out this north jersey scene. Where have u been going out? Hey Victor, I'll give u a call later... I think we may swing by 118 for a bit to hear Richie.
  15. My girl and I need to go out tonight.... what are all the cuties up to? We are debating - Studio/118/..... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm