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  1. who do you wish was here for the holidays?

    My Grandmother who passed away a few yrs. ago and my Mom who live's in Fl.
  2. Ghosts

    Someone had posted a topic about ghosts before and I had already told about my experience with it and my mother's, but since you brought up the topic again I'll tell you what happened again. When my mom first moved to Fl. she used to live in Miami, and one day my stepfather's mother was over the house and she was in my sister's room and saw blood on her closet door, well she said something to my stepfather and he told my mom about it. Well my mom went and got a papertowel and wiped the blood off the door but after she was done cleaning the door off there was nothing on the papertowel. Another time, my mother was in the kitchen making coffee, and she said she had a strong feeling someone was standing behind her well when she turned around she saw a shadow walking away from her. Also, one day she heard two men talking in the house and said that the house smelt like cigar's (no my stepfather doesn't smoke cigar's). Well one year I was visiting her and all of a sudden the ceiling fan started spinning on it's own without it being turned on. Well since then my mother has moved from Miami to Orlando, and in the apartment my mom live in before she moved into her house she had them there and now in her house she live's in. But they don't bother her so she's used to it already.
  3. Which level of hell are you going to?

    I'm headed to the second level of hell.
  4. Doritos'

    My fav. is the Cool Ranch.
  5. Meningitis

    I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. This disease is def. no joke, my uncle died from it when he was only eight day's old. My ex-boyfriend also came down with it twice once while he was in high school and the second time when he was in North Carolina doing his training after he got out of boot camp from the Marines. Well thank God he ended up pulling out of it both time's. I will keep your friend's family in my prayers. Sorry again to hear about this.
  6. Christmas songs

    My all time favorite Christmas song is Silent Night.
  7. Well for anyone that remembers...

    Thank you all once again. And nybeauty that is so cute what you posted thank you.
  8. Well for anyone that remembers...

    Once again thank you all and I will keep you guy's posted on what happen's within the next 4 month's.
  9. Well for anyone that remembers...

    Thank you all!!!! Well I want to name him Isaiah Tomas, but my honey wants to name the baby after him but I told him there's already to many people in your family with that name. So I will def. put up a fight and hope I get my way.
  10. If anyone remembers me posting back in Aug. that I was going to be a Mommy again just want to give you all a little update. Well I will be having the baby on or around April 7th and I just found out yesterday I'm having a little boy. I'm so happy it's a boy that's what I was hoping and wishing for, so now I'll have my boy and I already got my girl. Just wanted to let everyone know what was going on.
  11. Finally MOVED OUTT!!!

    Congrats to you!!!!
  12. Got a new tattoo today

    I like it, the guy did a really good job.
  13. I'm really sorry to hear what happened to your friend's girlfriend. I really do hope the guy get's what the hell he deserves.
  14. Happy Birthday Phatman~!

    Happy Belated Birthday!!
  15. what's everyones fav comida?

    Italian Spanish Chinese Seafood Portugese