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  1. Hot Spots Labor Day Weekend??

    Hi There, Does anyone know of a website or something in which I can see all the events for Labor Day Weekend? My friends and I (12 girls) will be going for a bachlorette party and we are staying at Mandalay Bay. None of us are that familiar with Vegas so any help would be apreciated. From what I have been reading the pool parties are good. Looking for clubs that play house (no hip hop) and after hours. Thanks!!!
  2. hi, does anyone know if teo t will be at neptunes on saturday? thanks!
  3. Roxy's LAST House Night... 4.13.05

    k - thanks!
  4. Roxy's LAST House Night... 4.13.05

    hi, is this tonight?
  5. WMC Update

    Nice, did you help him? Thats the worst sight, someone convulsing and shit... Good job guy on g. yeah the guy was a mess but he had all his friends slapping him and pouring water on him....my friend offered him a line but he couldn't even move.....an hour later he was up dancing and doing more g!!!
  6. WMC Update

    the JP pool party wasn't shut down. It was from 1pm-8pm, however the guy standing next to me did g out for an hour.
  7. ATTN:: EVERY1!! (notallthere style)

    that was pretty funny! I hate flying but what are you gonna do. Miami here I come. arrive 9:15 tonight!
  8. The Pug Thread

    Great Thread!!!! I pugs!
  9. Nye

    Hi Dogekid, I would like to get more info on Deep. My friends and I will be coming down to NYC. We are thinking of going to the MSG party but haven't finalized anything yet. Thanks Jen:D
  10. I stayed in Seaside this past weekend at the Dry Dock Motel. My friends and I had no idea what to expect but were completely horrified when we got there! We paid a little less then $600 bucks for this little apartment that was a total crack shack! Thankfully a couple of us brought some bedding because I was ready to either sleep in the car or drive back to Boston!
  11. A little story....

    WOW! can I ask how long they were sitting in your fridge for? how long are potatoes good for then? a week?
  12. Disturbing Movies

    vanilla sky, amercan history X, one hour photo with robin williams. did anyone see that....the eye scene:eek:
  13. coldplay last night...

    that's sweet...I love coldplay and that venue looks amazing!
  14. any big parties for memorial day weekend?

    the wbcn river rave is on sunday at the tweeter center in mansfield. about 30 minutes from boston. www.wbcn.com
  15. 2 things....

    love that new coors commercial....too funny...wingman:cool: