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  1. That is a very neat accident. If it was real the bike and body would be scatterd about 100 yards down the road. Trust me, im a firemen, ive seen some pretty fucked up accidents.
  2. Colosseum fridays

    It was pretty good, pretty much an all guido/guidette crowd. But it was sort of a cockfest, with less wannabes it might be even better.
  3. Many drinks will be sold, someone has to ge tht 18-20 year old girls drunk. There will be many DBs willing to do just that hahaha
  4. Avalon

    I went there this fri 3-17. It was lame. Pretty much a sausage fest. But my standards of a good time is good looking girls, good music. I havent been to webster or spirit in a while, maybe it might be better there. I hate to say it but Avalon made me miss my sayerville club, abyss lol
  5. Wat do u do?

    Union Electrician Local 164 Firefighter Roxbury Co 1
  6. Excellent, email sent, thanks
  7. Thats not a teen club or that does not ONLY play rap or spanish music?
  8. Whats in YOUR dream garage?

    1969 Camaro SS with 12 bolt, T56 6 speed, that new huge block engine and everything done to it TT Lambo Mercalago (sp) WWC El Diablo Strugis (the blue and green one) and a Ducati 999 (2 bikes=4 wheels so that counts as one car)
  9. Teen nights?

    krome in sayerville nj
  10. any1 here ride a harley ?

    I wish I did.
  11. Edmunds.com's Most Wanted for 2003

    Their BMW suckdicks. Their nice cars, but the 3 series keeps losing its grip. Lincon LS, Infinities, IS300, ect are all good, if not better buys. Alot of that list is wack.
  12. Hyundai LZ450

    Only 270 hp out of 4.5L? It better have more TQ or just be massivly under rated b/c that thing looks heavy (as well as dated)
  13. mitsubishi evolution

    Too bad the car is ugly as sin, I really hat the ricer look. That car and the Neon STR are 2 cars Id love to see redesigned (less rice shit) The new STi looks great, big improvment over that bug eyed thing.
  14. Metal shavings on the tranny drain plug

    Why are you changing your tranny fluid at 20k miles? Newer cars dont need it done at only 20k miles, and newer cars dont use regular tranny fluid, its some other shit that used in commerical aricraft.
  15. Panoz

    The 4.6L Cobra engine is. Not too sure about the GT engine. This is why you dont see many heads/cams Stangs but alot of SC ones. Keep the h/c for LS1s.