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  1. candid britney pics

    Little too much cheese cake Brit. Really, what's the big deal with Britney Spears. Nothing more than a cute girl next door....They are a dime a dozen..... I admire the geniuses who make her videos. They make her look so much better than she really is. Hate to break the news. You can still keep the posters up on your wall......until mom and dad kick you out when you turn 35
  2. John Kerry

    I'll keep it simple Probably the most distinctive trait of Socialism is state ownership and control of the fundamental means of production. If you don't espouse this doctrine, you are not a socialist. John Kerry does not adhere to this doctrine Therefore, John Kerry is not a socialist Yep, it's really that simple Now, what I think you want to say about Kerry is that he advocates excessive taxation and massive social programs that they fund -- much like what they have in place in many European nations. I know this to be inaccurate regarding Kerry......but notwithstanding your waywardness, the word "socialism" doesn't apply.......try "etatist," "tax-and-spend liberal," "big government leftist", but not socialist
  3. Picked up Chappelle show season 1 on dvd :)

    Best from this season: Is Wayne Brady going to have to choke a bitch? Run for your life Bitch, Run!
  4. John Kerry

    OK, so it becomes a bit clearer that you believe it has something to do with taxation. Your notion goes something like "a socialist system is when the central government takes like 80% of your income and uses it for vast social programs." Is that your understanding of what socialism is? If so, you happen to be wrong.
  5. John Kerry

    I'm not a supporter of either Bush or Kerry...GOP or Dems But John Kerry is not a socialist. Some politicians may promote a progressive taxation system, but in no way does that equate to socialism. I sense this might somehow be the idea behind your comment. Please apprise us first of your notion of socialism, and I will do my best to disabuse you of it.
  6. A few Post-911 War questions ...

    "Camerouge" is spelled Khmer Rouge. Another question: What does your flubbing of the name Khmer Rouge teach us about your opinions about matters of foreign policy?
  7. Quick Advice Please..

    I'd say yes, despite the fact that you will unlikely get your 6 reps. Even 3 or 4 reps would be fine, provided you maintain decent form when performing the set. Pushing yourself with heavier weight will lend a greater degree of intensity to your workout.
  8. Has anyone heard of a product

    Yep, the product is called "working out" AKA....."exercising" "weight training" "intense cardiovascular activity" PRICE: Cost of a gym membership
  9. Shin Splints

    A few suggestions: 1) Do some good stretching before running...like 10 minutes. Position toes vertically into the ground and stretch. 2) Buy specialized running shoes, if you don't already have them. 3) Longer intervals between long runs. This is an absolute necessity for professional long distance runners. Same applies to casual runners doing shorter distances. Just as you don't train any localized muscle group in consecutive days, the same rule applies to running. You're putting stress on the same muscles and ligaments day-after-day...it's bound to lead to injury.
  10. Need help with my workout routine...

    Cardio can only help get you toned, so cardio on off days would be good........But if you're concerned about bulking up to a certain weight, or even acheiving big strength gains, it could be potentially detrimental. The more frequent you engage in cardiovascular activity, the quicker your resting metabolic rate gets....which is crucial when trying to shed fat. Also don't overlook the dietary aspect of your fitness endeavor.
  11. Need help with my workout routine...

    Here's a few suggestions: 1) Add some exrecises that focus on your triceps, abs and lower body. You're totally missing that in the exercises you stated. 2) Upright row is a decent shoulder exercise, but get more basic than that......do overhead shoulder presses. 3) Cardio is good, but make sure your diet is clean. Cut carbs, and the ones you do take, make sure they're quality. Wholes grains, foods high in fiber, etc... 4) Make sure you get lots of protein everyday, not just the days you workout. 5) Your progress will be much faster if you get used to training with free weights and not solely with machines. There's a few things that need to be addressed. Are you doing these exercises every other day? If so that's not good....it's overtraining. You need more rest in between working specific body parts. Try working each body part once every 5-7 days. So try a routine like this: Day 1: Chest, triceps, abs Day 2: Off Day 3: Back, biceps Day 4: Off Day 5: Shoulders, legs Day 6: Off REPEAT Do 8-12 sets per body part Just a simple example It would also help to know if you have a specific fitness goal.
  12. lean muscle

    From Jersey? Take steroids
  13. Condoms - which brand/kind do you use?

    Let me add a bit of good sense to this discussion. I used to work in a condom shop on South Street in Philadelphia, and all I did as a cashier behind the counter was read the literature on the condom industry, so you can say I've got an educated opinion here. The difference from one brand of condom to the next is virtually zilch......I mean from breakage to size to thinness, etc.. So many of the various brands get their product from the same manufacturor. All they do is put their own special claims on one generic product. The condom industry is ALL about marketing. For instance, take the Magnum condoms -- the so-called extra large brand. In reality, they're not much bigger than your average run-of-the-mill condom. They just know guys like to have their ego stroked....feeling gratified by fitting into an "extra-large" jimmy hat. It's funny. At our store, magnums were the top sellers by far. You would think most men walking around Philly had huge schlongs. The truth is that most men can fit into these and use them safely. It looks like many of you have bought into the bullshit
  14. Brand new club opening in Lauderdale...

    LOLA! What's happening Babe I'd love nothing better than to meet up one night in Laudy. You let me know when you'll be making it out. Let's do it soon And drinks are on me And with this new place, you'd think that the one piece of information they would have confirmed by now is the fking location of the club. Kind of critical for people who might wish to check it out.
  15. I was NOT going to post this...

    Are you serious you don't know whether I'm being serious?