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  1. whats going on with carusos?

    didn't have a girlfirend at the time dumbass. hey remember "THERES NO HOPE IN DOPE" come to think of it those were the times i was currupted by you . you fucking bastard.. how long was that bar??
  2. whats going on with carusos?

    edited by request of the fat bald guy.
  3. Upscale Venue.com needs ....

    kosta.... you are a ruthless s.o.b get'em tiger!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Attn. COCKBLOCKERS u know who u are!

    12 foot jump dangerous....? i've jumped down plenty of times and was pissed drunk too. skipped some tracks but hey it mixed in well
  5. C*i*r*c*a

    all night you were yelling that i havn't posted. just look at my posts on the left......lol... you drunken monkey. you should of brought that out new years eve. george thanks for everything i owe you... kosta stop trying to talk to every girl that walks by..(i gottasay though alot of hot girls last night) axel havn't seen you that drunk in along time. (and please watch out before you smack my ass. (yeah...i like her and she likes me... too funny) anthony i know you loved us yelling D.E.A / C.I.A all night.
  6. hey stop by ahkmels shop and drop one off. scandel in ny huh....i know you like that song.......
  7. * anybody goes to my gym?? *

    that is some funny shit..... well kinda of obvious huh.... next time i'll put in some extra letters and place some words where they don't belong...
  8. * anybody goes to my gym?? *

    yo joe we still down for the little chiuaha heist at tiffany and co. you know axel role right.......
  9. * LATITUDE Wednesdays Continues..Who is in? *

    rivvy we should start handing out popcorn at the door.
  10. Thursday Night - Voodoo Lounge!!!

    yeah ronnie..... you were waiting for me to go to the dj booth to see if i would jump off again!!!! "SKIPPER" has called it quits i am staying away from that booth for good. or so i say.. lol last night was good but it only gets better. alot of hot ass girls. was suprised to see the girl to guy ratio we had last night.
  11. voodoo last night (thursday)

    the 50 oz. apple martini was easily taken care of by let say 3 1/2 people. hopefully we will each have one of those in our hands this thurs.
  12. voodoo last night (thursday)

    we'll get one everyweek. but in different flavors!!!! this time we do 10 second chuggs..lol:laugh:
  13. ~~ Voodoo Fuckin Lounge Last Night ~~

    one kettle one.....two kettle one....three kettle one....four kettle ne......well after the fourth bottle i really don't rememeber much but like usual had a great fuckin time. eurochic good call on the room afterwards. kelly thanks for throwing shit at me and kicking me.. (lol) long afterparty besides the fact that axel past out for three hours.. we should of all taken turns and pissed on his forehead. :goofy:
  14. Spring Break / Cancun...or... WMC 2003 / Miami ?

    jersey takes over vegas for 4 nights:D
  15. Scribbles Sukxxxx!!!!

    whatever happened to kostyveen:blown: