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  1. Darkbeat remix?

    Does anyone know who did the new darkbeat remix i have been hearing???? Thanks in advance?
  2. withdrawals???

    tempts withdrawals?? anyone? winter clubs just don't feel the same, with everone being responsible and worrying about driving. i just miss the absolute mayhem that occurs at like 3:45 every sdaturday outside tempts. also.. am i the only one who gets sick everytime i eat the pizza across the street from tempts? what is it with that place, i get sick everytime, but still go after tempts lets out. i guess it helps absorb the 30+ drinks i just had
  3. favorites??

    hey guys......new poster.....long time reader i'm sure this has been done, but i'm gonna give it a try again, to keep things interesting. list, IN ORDER your top 5 all time favorite club songs. they don't have to be vocals.