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  1. Hey Z Stay strong gyrl. My prayers are with you. Dont worry you will have a speedy recovery and beat this.. Luv ya Reina
  2. dam! I miss Body & Soul!

    I absolutely agree that was the best party on Sunday . The only place I could go to really escape. So you're saying that there will be another party like this starting when and where. Very interested
  3. Joeys Reina Review.............

    Thanks I had alot of fun at Metro.... I guess there always has to be one in the bunch
  4. Joeys Reina Review.............

    what makes you the baddest mo fo in the world for your info the video you are talking about is by amber not me yes this is Reina nice review I'm sure you're a lovely person as well
  5. Happy Love Day to everybody on CP!!!! Hope you have a fun night tonight I hope to see you guys in Miami next month and maybe at Party Gras Love ya all Reina:heart:
  6. Have a beautiful Christmas and a sick New Year. Hope to see you all in 2003. Thank you for all your love and support. Have a safe one. Luv Ya, Reina
  7. Reina posting on CP

    In this biz, you have to have a good sense of humor and not take yourself so seriously (just your craft) Actually, it is being played in about 20 other cities across the country and 'm going to tokyo this week. Thanks for the love sweetie:cool:
  8. Reina posting on CP

    Hey Baby,The starbursts are doing very well thank you!!!hee hee It just makes me laugh when people claim to know everything about what I do and how I do it when they dont even have a clue. For me, I just feel very blessed for all that I have.
  9. Reina posting on CP

    You saved me how? And who are you??? Have I met you before?
  10. I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving and thankyou to everyone that came out last night to Cherri. It was nice to see some of my cp pals. Have a good day and be safe. Love ya , Reina:biggrin:
  11. Cherri Review

    :bounce: Hey guys how are you all doing?Im sure Ive met most of you at Joeys a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to pipdaddy,ou812,nydionysus for all the love. Hope to see you guys there.
  12. Cherri Review

    I do remember you and it will be cool to see you again its been awhile girl:tongue:
  13. Cherri Review

    Unfortunately honey, i think everyone has someone for that song me included. I hope to meet you that night I love to get a chance to me all my fans. It's what my job is all about.
  14. Cherri Review

    :tongue: Thanks for remembering.