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  1. I Have Big Tits!!!

    I have to agree:tongue: Jackie
  2. Back 2 Miami Beach!

    Hi friends! Gonna be back in South Beach this Thursday. Don't know what is happenning this weeken and for New Years. Suggestions? Merry Christmas!!!
  3. New Years [email protected] ESPACIO ( Space )

    Does anyone know how much are the tickets?
  4. New Years In Miami

    Is there a dress code?? What kind of music? Never been to Rumi but have heard good things about the place!
  5. New to this Board, What to do?

    Hi there! I arrived yesterday morning from NY. Will be here 'til next Tuesday. But will come back for work quite often. I hope. I like clubbing, but am pretty clueless where on each nite. I like places with attitude, but not a NY attitude! Can you help me? The photographer I am working with told me to try Mynt and Pearl. And a guy I met last night told me to check this place for real information. And cooljunky.com but couldn't get thu. I am still reading page 1 of this Message Board. Jackie:)
  6. New to this Board, What to do?

    Thank you, Guyman1966! A nice bar will do it for me! I usually don't dress up much, I'm more a hippie of this days:)
  7. Pms Presents Deeper Substance Nov. 14

    I'll be there with a friend! Happy. happy, happy Birthday! Demi;) Too bad I didn't see you at Arc last week:( I love Be Yourself Fridays. Gone there at leat once a month, maybe twice a month:) Love you all!
  8. New to this Board, What to do?

    Thank you Guyman166, Shroomy, Meli2444, Mrmata2477, Sunnthost, Dabannedjew, Corinto, Milano and Vipnerd. And to the people whos send me PMs:) I had agood time at BED last nite. Liked the music, but cheesy place. Guys wouldn't stop hitting on me like if they never had seen a woman:( I will go to Reserved for the party there. I read the thread yesterday and got excited. And today I learned is the DJs B-Day! Sounds fun. One of the girls working with me yesterday knew of this party as well. We'll go together:) Too bad the weather is not that good for the beach:( Anyone know if it will get any warmer tomorrow? Saturday the crewwill go to Key West. We will spend the night there:) Any good clubs in Key West? I love U guys!!!
  9. New to this Board, What to do?

    WOW!! I was reading this beautiful title on page 2 and got 4 PMs. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was so nervous to open them, I was should I press this or this? Thank you Mr. Matas 2277. So much. I have to go work for a little now that the sun is out. What a nice weather! I will check this back tonite when we are done shooting. But thank you Miami. You guys are great!
  10. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

    Enlightening! I was reading this board, got a little dizzy:) What do you recommend for tonite and Thursday?