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  1. Oakenfold Tickets????

    yeah it suxx... its 50 but i went through ticketmaster to get them. im sure theres places to get a cheaper price though
  2. Why are Ny Clubs so expensive???? Why?

    i guess im the only person that doesnt mind payin the ridiculous price to get into a good club and party all night long...oh well suxx for me
  3. Oakenfold Tickets????

    not worth it on the radio.... things are cut too short and you dont get the vibe.... when you see it live its all about the show and oakie gets really into it revvin up the crowd and shit like that
  4. Oakenfold Tickets????

    i got my tixx for exit at ticketmaster and with all the shippin and extra charges and crap total is about 60$ per ticket
  5. Why are Ny Clubs so expensive???? Why?

    cause its worth it
  6. thanxgivin eve is oakie at exit !!!!!!!!!! best night to party...