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  1. Hip-hop

    I need directions to a hip-hop record shop .
  2. Courious

    Am a curious female with a supportive boyfriend. We are looking to expand my horizons in a sexual experimental way..no commitments..just a bit of 3some fun.. I've had opportunities before, but didnt feel ready. Now am ready and we are not sure how to find the kitties to my kitty... if u have any ideas or suggestions as to where we may be able to interact with nice, friendly and gentle kitties.. please email me.. Thanks Kittie
  3. 3Some

    I've been thinking about havin a girl join in my fun with my man. He's had a few chances, but it never fully happened sad story. I almost had the chance too, but never went along with it. Now that we looking, all of the people we would have it with are not available... lol our luck. I am more the curious one and he wants to join in on the fun. We were thinking about clubbin to see if we pick up the lucky 3rd person. lol as funny as this sounds, Im serious. My question is; which club is best to goto for this type of crowd ??? or where can we get to know more "curious friends"? any suggestions !? I really want to have this experience and He's here to support me in any way he can ! if this waz too straight up for you guyz, sowee. Just lookin for some advise, for those who been through this. yah'know