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  1. Where are the real reviews?

    It got a little more crowded later on in the night, but not even close to capacity. 1000-2000 people max. Diddy didn't even seem like he wanted to be there. He came on stage and yapped over tracks that Clue was playing, but he didn't sing and he didn't perform. Just danced around with some of his hos. I'd never go to another one of his shows.
  2. Where are the real reviews?

    Got to Roseland at about 11 last night... waited on line for about an hour. I get in and the place is totally empty... maybe 500 people in a place with at least 6000 capacity. After getting screwed on paying $75 for tickets that got dropped to $40 the day of the show, I expected something hot... but it was whack. I missed Draper, but Viscious and Clue played some hot tracks. People just weren't into the music though. A lot of really young cats everywhere... Diddy came out for about 10 minutes. He didn't perform or sing, but he pimped around on stage with about 50 other dancers who I think were picked straight from the crowd. He left abruptly when something broke out up front. Overall, I was really disappointed with the whole affair. I expected more from a Diddy party, but this obviously wasn't your VMA afterparty type of deal.
  3. Sexiest Club Songs

    What songs would be on your personal playlist as the sexiest club songs ever?
  4. Paris Hilton Sex Tape!

    The real deal. It's about 3 minutes long - nothin' special, but worth seeing. Here's the link: http://lethalnetwork.com/
  5. Quitting Weed

    I started smoking weed last summer (2002) after I got back from studying abroad in London... took a trip to Amsterdam that converted me to Mary Jane's lifestyle. When I got back to the States I started smoking once a week with my friends, then gradually grew to smoking every night by myself... which eventually turned to smoking a few times every day just to maintain my high... I'd lie if I said I didn't enjoy it... I had a lot of stoner epiphanies that I'm sure everyone gets when smoking for a while... I wrote a lot of them down... listened to a lot of good music, met a lot of interesting people... the world just seemed like a better place cuz I was high. But the people around me started looking down on me and I realized that I was losing my touch with reality completely. It became harder and harder to deal with he mundane bullshit that everyday life had me deal with. I didn't wanna go to class or work... I just wanted to chill and smoke weed. I just stopped smoking a few months ago... and I didn't quit cold turkey... I still puff when I go out sometimes... but I went a solid month with no weed at all and I have to say... it does clear your head up a lot. Reality just makes more sense to me now... I can understand and comprehend things that I wouldn't have been able to while a stoner... Overall, I'm glad I had my binge... and I may have another one in the years to come... I think my time as a pothead taught me a lot about myself and my place in this world... but in order to put any of the information that you gain from pot to use... you gotta stop smoking it... or at least I did... I hope this helps... just my pov.
  6. Plato did drugs?

    Random thought: Plato was a crackhead. Ok, maybe not crack, but he was definitely on some sort of hallucinogenic substance when he wrote The Allegory of the Cave. Hell, I think it’s fairly safe to say that a majority of the world’s great thinkers and philosophers were on something that stretched their perceptual boundaries. Let’s examine The Allegory of the Cave. The cave is our world… our perceptual limits… a mere representation of something ideal that the human mind cannot comprehend. There is a relative truth outside of that cave. But the question is: How can one be exposed to it? Better yet, how can one begin to comprehend it? The exit to the cave lies in the human mind, for the cave exists only in our perceptual realm and it takes an expansion of that perceptual realm to be able to comprehend the relative truth hidden behind the shadows that we see. So what happens when you “see the light?†What happens when you see the ideality of the shadows you once thought to be real? At first it’s a bit scary, almost intimidating. You simply can’t believe it. Ultimately your perceptions adjust to the truth and you never want to go back to your former existence. Eventually something brings you back to the cave. You begin to live in the shadows once again. Now that you’ve seen “the light†you attempt to explain your discovery to those in the cave. However, they simply cannot stretch their minds that far. The shadows are their reality and your reality becomes their concern for your sanity. You can’t help but feel superior to the common folk, for you’ve experienced ideality. But they’ll never understand unless they too experience it. Anyone that has ever done Magic Mushrooms or LSD might relate to Plato. You’re thrust into a mind-boggling ideality. Everything you thought you knew turns out to be false. At first it feels frightening, but eventually the knowledge that you’ve gained is priceless. You see the light. How can you ever go back to the cave of life? Perhaps this is why the comedown of a drug trip can be so depressing. It’s a mere trip… a journey of the mind that is always round-trip. What it does is give you a glimpse inside a larger perceptual realm of humanity… a glimpse into ideality. So was Plato really a genius philosopher or was he simply an ancient hippie that was experimenting with hallucinogens? Maybe both…
  7. Summer Sanitarium

    Sick show indeed! Setlist was almost all old stuff: Battery, Master of Puppets, Harvester of Sorrow, Sanitarium, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Frantic, Sad But True, St. Anger, No Remorse, Seek and Destroy, Blackened, Fuel, Nothing Else Matters, Creeping Death, One and Enter Sandman. Limp Bizkit did their cover of Sanitarium that they played at the Metallica Icon show. BTW, anybody who was on the floor... did you see the blond pornstar chick who kept posing and showing her tits to everyone?
  8. I'm going to Dance Valley!

    Where do you get tickets for this?
  9. New Drinks In Da Club

    I concur
  10. Damn does lolahotass post's make yer cock hard....

    "I have gave road head a couple times................... Once in my Beretta..............my boy was driving me to Tampa from Ft Laudy and we were drunk..............so I sucked his dick the whole way across Aligator Alley........YUMMY CUM IN MY MOUTH!! 2nd time...........My other boyfriend and I were on our way back from Naples (just met his mom n' dad)........I started to blow him but he's the kinda guy that took forever to blow his wad, so I got sick of suckin' his cock...........whatever.........I started fuckin' myself.............he said that alone, was the hottest thing he'd ever seen..........let alone when i blew a cum wad on his windshield..... I rock......... " Nuff said
  11. road head

    This thread makes me wanna drive cross country and back! I love u CJ galz!
  12. What's Your Brand of Cigarettes?

    Camel Turkish Jade - hardcore menthol Dunhills and Davidoffs are also on my list... usually only smoke ciggies when I'm drinking... or at least that's what I used to do
  13. High

    Bump for a cone joint after a cold ass Yankee game. All warm now
  14. Smoking Ban -- How Has it Affected You?

    First of all, I only brought up segregation to prove a point about smokers being in the minority... and that minority should not equate to inferiority or lesser rights. I do not mean to suggest that a smoking ban is on the moral equivalent of racial segregation and I apologize if that is the message that anyone received. Second, my argument does not suggest the institution of segregation because I am suggesting equality! Segregation is not mere separation, it is UNEQUAL AND PREJUDICED SEPARATION! If I said that smoking bars should provide better music and charge less cover or something like that, then you would have an argument. All I'm saying is: let's make everyone happy and stop this stupid ass debate! Obviously the right to smoke at a bar is very important for some people, just as the right to breathe clean air and not reek when you come home is an important one for others. Build em both - satisfy em all. I have spoken
  15. Smoking Ban -- How Has it Affected You?

    Wow that was some of the most hypocritical idiocy i have ever read. You start your moronic rant with a value-laden insult... just because YOU don't smoke doesn't mean NOBODY ELSE SHOULD! If you feel that your lungs and health are more important to you than puffing on a cigarette, that is YOUR CHOICE! You hope we quit smoking FOR OUR SAKE?? Who the fuck are you?? Did you ever think that some people DON'T WANT to quit? Do not equate weakness with an activity that contradicts your own values! Second, yes - smokers are in the minority. But what does this have to do with government intervention? So because blacks are in the minority should we reinstate segregation??? Smoking does not necessarily force anyone to deal with its health risks other than the person doing the smoking. When you go to a bar that you know allows smoking, you are making the sacrifice of going into that bar! As I said before, the problem is that before the ban there were no bars that were non-smoking, which admittedly was unfair to non-smokers. At the same time, outlawing smoking at EVERY BAR is equally unfair to smokers! There should be bars for both groups - period! Smokers aren't trying to impose their ways onto those that don't smoke - we simply want our own space to do it. Many people enjoy smoking while drinking... they should have the right to do so. Furthermore, many bar owners have a clientele that, in the majority, smokes! This particularly includes dive bars. The owners of these bars should have the right to make the decision on whether or not smoking is allowed in their private business! In the end, extremists on both ends are what hurt the argument as a whole. We need a compromise that makes everyone happy, and that compromise lies in opening both smoking AND non-smoking bars, and giving the people, the consumers, the right to choose what type of bar they want to go to. Saying that smoking is "bad for you" is not enough of a reason to outlaw it, otherwise drinking would not be legal either. And saying: "well there's no such thing as second hand alcohol" is irrelevant as well because I feel that non-smokers should be provided with a smoke-free haven for drinking... but smokers should also be provided with a haven for them as well! If Amsterdam makes this work with marijuana, surely we can work something out with tobacco!