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  1. Thinking of going wanted some feedback. Any day. Also, do they still do the subliminal sessions or is has it moved somewhere else, or is it even around at all. Thanks!!
  2. Hi All! I'm from San Francisco and I'm going to be visiting NYC from 11/21-12/02 for Thanksgiving and my birthday. Any suggestions on the best places to go and dance??? And I mean dance, not blow coke in the bathroom and then stand around all night on the dance floor doing nothing while getting picked up on by a guy with a shiny polyester shirt. I'm thinkin about going to see Danny Teneglia, and the Shelter looks inviting- I'm sceptical about one thing though. Over here in SF there's only a few clubs that are 18+ and the vibe is not that good-lot's of kids and lot's of candy and no maturity. I'm not into that and all of the places that look cool over there are 18+, so I was wondering how the environment was. Thanks!