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  1. I walked into my bathroom today....

    thats really gross!!! i hate mice!!!! i really wonder how it got there in the first place???
  2. ...*rAp SnAcKs*...

    What will they think of next?! They never know when to stop w/all that corny food stuff.. It doesn't last and it will soon be off the shelves! I def. want to see what these rap snacks look like
  3. whats up with this board?

    I like this board too! I just started CP and I really like it!!! mystify--aren't you proud?!?! I'm still getting the hang of it, but I def. like this board.
  4. Fellow Bumpers.......

    I used to live in CT too... My ex actually lives in North Stonington.. Do you know people around there?? I'm 21 yrs old at Marist College and I'm majoring in Public Relations. I'm currently single... :beer:
  5. Hey incredulous///

    Yeah... I'm pretty tired too... Need to rest up tonight! ;) ;)
  6. Hi

    Finally I got started.. haha. Whats everyones wknd plans??! im goin to bar 2nite... :-)
  7. Is anyone else finding it harder...

    i never watch what i eat or exercise... is that bad??!?!? haha... i only workout in the summer and over xmas.. and im not that overweight right??!?! i just eat normally... maybe thats my problem~~~~!!! any ideas????
  8. sad situation all around....
  9. I'm at a loss...

    lately, whenever i shop, i come home with basically nothing!!! the stores either dont have much or it just doesnt look right on me! somethings wrong!! i want some new clothes, and cant find any!!!!
  10. cocaine and drug testing

    yeah, i heard the same 3 day thing... goodluck!
  11. Hi

    Hi everyone:D