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  1. Thank you all for your help! We have about 4 girls and 4 guys (none of which are our bfs...YAHOO!!) But we plan on rippin' it up for the night:-) I think we may go to Centro-Fly. We have heard the best things about that place. I wanted to get on some sort of list but I am having no luck. Oh well. After that we will be going to Sound Factory. Have a good weekend everyone:-) Luv, Dawn aka DJ GROUPIE;-)
  2. Looking for an exciting night out in NYC. Where should we go Sat. night????? I have a group of 10 coming to NYC from Boston this weekend. We are looking for a place to go with a bit of class with good looking people and great music and dancing. I have been told about the following places.... Centro-Fly SPA Vinyl of couse we will end up at Soundfactory for afterhours....but want to go out before that to..... any suggestions or information about these places or how to get on a list of any sort. PLease email me at [email protected] Thanks, Dawn