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  1. 26 more days until NYE03!! 13 more days of work still left to go short month!! new beginnings another set of 365 days to exploit the age you are new experiences to look fwd to on the horizon Carpe Diem!!! seize the day
  2. Viva Las Vegas!!!

    26 DAYS!!! SinCity here we come!! A whole bunch of us will be on the Strip NYE!! Let the PARTY begin! I'm most looking forward to the flight -- all aboard will be Vegas-bound and let's just hope we don't bring the plane down w/ all the massive drinking that will take place! WoooooHoooo!!!
  3. Chicago new years eve?

    there's a lot to do chi-town for nye! i won't be here, but saw lots of options on www.urchicago.com, also Buzz nightclub will be open bar for 8 hours for $100 (always a great crowd/fun). check out nocturnal, cro bar, vision, white star...the list goes on & on. good luck & have fun!!
  4. Vegas New Years Eve

    :bounce: viva LAS VEGAS!! viva LAS VEGAS!! can't wait to get to SinCity and get NUTS!! i was just there for 4th of july for a week and i'm ready for more!! we're staying for a week - there will be 3 of us - 2 girls & one guy -- how will the CP ppl know one another??? we should have a code!! :bounce:
  5. Vegas New Years Eve

    My dearest VegasVirgin, I will tell you right now that the only thing you need to worry about is getting to Vegas -- the rest takes care of itsel. SinCity will leave you wether you're there on a holiday or on a regular day. Show up at your hotel, sit at a table or slot machine and the drinks come to you for free, when you're done - ask anyone where to get some more drinks for free and you shall be pointed in the right direction, the streets will be filled on NYE (great for meeting hotties) and I guarantee these simple steps will start a snowball effect (that grows bigger & bigger at an exponential rate each moment) of no sleep, skinny dipping, and the most fun you've ever had in your life. There is no place on EARTH quite like Las Vegas. PM me when you're back -- can't wait to hear the adventures. In fact KIT, I may be there as well. Take care!!
  6. uhmm...can we say "ghost town" in here...

    hey!! many thanx cool peeps for the 411 on where to go!! i'll use the same username ... scream hello if you see me sometime!!
  7. I'm a little worried - are there NO CHICAGO PEOPLE on this site?? all the city people give me a shout-out!! tell me where you like to party...
  8. How do you make yourself noticed by the opposite sex?

    EXHUDE HAPPINESS...that's all there is to it. if you feel good, show it. you can fake it too (i warn you it takes lots of practice) which makes for a more pleasant night in the end. people approach happy, easy-going, NEED I SAY HAPPY AGAIN, and not too-trashy-looking. now what's the deal w/ the guys that approach a girl on the dance floor??!? never understood that one. i'm happy and dancing and some moron INTERRUPTS my groove! WTF?!? and they usually don't want to dance -- they just want to talk... uhh, right now???!?!
  9. new years eve in South Beach

    i hear it's a happening spot for NYE03 - can someone compare it to any of the Chicago scenes. Would hate to end up at a so-so spot on such a hot night...with an even HOTTER date! any 411 would help!! oh, yeah...we like to drink...a lot (both bartenders!!)
  10. Vegas New Years Eve

    hell ya there are going to be more girls in vegas on ny -- we'll i think i'll be there. currently have plans to be in either vegas, miami, or san fran!! most likely vegas or miami, but VEGAS ROCKS!!! was there 4th of July and had THE TIME OF MY LIFE!! I i should move to vegas...