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  1. Factory. Crobar was great too.
  2. Umm...this thread began 9 years ago. I doubt Jaime62 even remembers what all the bickering was about.
  3. Flirt Nightclub - UNBELIEVABLE

    Nah, weirdly enough it was an ex-girlfriends ex-step-sister. Real reliable I'm sure lol
  4. Flirt Nightclub - UNBELIEVABLE

    I actually heard the same thing from some "relative of the owner". I heard this place was a money pit and the owners took a bath and now are trying to recoup some of the money lost. Let's hope it's a good place. I hear the space is really sick.
  5. Great party. Good turnout even though the weather sucked. A lot of really hot girls. Richie and Peter rocked the house. I thought they were unreal at Merge too.
  6. Ritchie Hawtin/Danny Tenaglia Ticket for Sale

    LMAO @ "we were both very impressed"
  7. did paris hilton get a boob job?

    I think all these years of partying are starting to take a toll on her face. She definitely looks a little haggard.
  8. ..rip kurt vonnegut.

    Fuck me? Fuck you!!!! (Back to School)
  9. to all my close freinds i just got engaged

    LMAO @aries girl asking you if Mark still lives in Jersey
  10. Alchemy Is Hiring Dj's

    Hey Jimmy, the guy above me is right on. PM Kaydup. He doesn't routinely read this board, but if you pm him, he'll receive a message in his email. He's fantastic.
  11. Party Girl Philly/Jersey

    Post a pic.
  12. I'm officially retired

    Wait...I think I'm thinking along the same lines...can you elaborate?
  13. That would be awesome. Right now it's just a waste of a good space.
  14. Franco and Greg are a couple of pricks.
  15. Banned from NCC

    I love when boards and worlds collide