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  1. this just in...

    Jim Norton is the shiznit. I seen his standup act here in Boston, funny man.
  2. Hahaha..

    This is a post taken from another board: The question was "who is the best dj"..read this response... I AM THE PERSON YOU SHOULD TALK TO HERE...... There is no question or argument....#1 jonathon peters...a.k.a.---J.P. I go to Factory Saturday's soley for the Music. Johny Vicious is 2nd because he has reveloutionized house muscic for NYC. Junior Jasquez it the godfather of house music. I haven't heard tenegalia but i know his style and he is just too groovy for me, he is very good though to a lot of people. Tony Draper is very hard (which i love!!!!) but he go's too commercial when he spins at exit. A dj you all should go here is jason ojeda!!! He rocked the shit out of the soundfactory and the hamptons. CHeck him out he is really good in my opinion (I love hard those hard evil beats) Scott project is a rarerity in N.Y. but he blows the speakers better THAN ANYONE I HAVE MENTIONED ON THIS LIST! SCOTT PROJECT WOULD BE NUMBER ONE IF HE WAS IN NEW YORK. but he is in germany and only makes special guest appearances. Now, the only good point he has is Jason Ojeda...
  3. Maxim's Hometown Hotties 100 Semifinalists

    Oh damn thats your friend!!!
  4. Whats everyone up to this weekend.....?

    Fri.... Driving down to the Cape.. Sat.. Painting inside of summer house...drinking beers, and till I pass out.. Sun.. Driving home.. Edit: I just realized, I post on a clubbing board, and don't even go to clubs anymore..loser.
  5. attn: stymie

    I didn't get my PM!! :laugh:
  6. 33

    Damn that place is beautiful... Listen to what I thought it was, and what I thought Stymie thought it was... :laugh: :laugh: I thought it was Water Works, b/c Stymie said it was outside, and if you put the 33 horozontially on their backs, it would be "WW"... Wow, I was analyzing this shit outta this post!!! I feel like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory.
  7. 33

    I was thinking the same thing.
  8. Rolling Hard! Yes? To: Bus & Tigga

    Dude, your on XTC?
  9. hiding the fragrance of pot?

    Just fart in the bag, but you have to zip it up fast.
  10. Denied!!!!

    Is cracker ass cracker better?
  11. its friday

  12. Denied!!!!

    I admit, he was amazing... He's a honky.
  13. When Will U Stop?

    No clue