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  1. 4/30 Pimp Hand @ Pegasus Lounge

    This Saturday, 4/30 Pimp Hand takes over Pegasus Lounge! House Music All Night Long!! DJ's: Hodd Coxx Pat Love Crispanic Cuzzin Greg Where: Pegasus Lounge 1337 Connecticut Ave 2ND floor NW Washington DC 20036 http://www.pegasuslounge.com/ When: 10PM til... Free entry with guestlist. $5 at the door. pm me or email [email protected] for guestlist. No dress code - be yourself.
  2. Top Wash DC Parties/Clubs

    Hey Jimmy... I've been hiding out. Just getting back from wmc but I'll see you for erick Morillo in a couple of weeks.
  3. Top Wash DC Parties/Clubs

    There's a sticky in this forum titled: "DC Club nights, bars, etc..."
  4. Props to PULSE DC

    Yep... good times ahead.
  5. So...

    i nominate vicman
  6. Do you want these 4 in the White House...

    That's great! lol!!!!!
  7. I'm going to stop by for a few.
  8. Millions of U.S. Votes Won't Count

    IMO, the ellectoral college should be abolished.
  9. LANGE | JAV D | MENNO DE JONG @ The Loft

    This weekend folks!
  10. dream

    The Loft has it's own entrance now so you won't even have to go through any bs that might not be your scene.
  11. Whoever wins.................we lose

    That's great! lol
  12. I'm sure you guys wouldn't base your vote on one issue however, you're average non-politically minded american might base their vote on one thing. Unfortunetly for the majority of americans that's what it usually boils down to. One issue. Whether it's raising taxes on Americans, vietnam service, getting a blow job in the white house, capturing/killing bin Ladin.