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  1. Nice Racks

    wrong again! and i will post the thread where you posted YOUR OWN PICS tomorrow. it was like the first couple of days you joined, and wanted to get to know everyone like 3rd grade. you posted two pics of you holding a drink in a blue/white striped tank. but since your memory is clouded, i'll find it tomorrow. NY jokes in a fun way, and has good taste. you just flat out attacked me about tiny. have a good night prplhz, i have nothing against you, seriously.
  2. Nice Racks

    I bet even HE has bigger tits than you! sorry, i'm done now. see y'all later.
  3. Nice Racks

    still want to fight huh? sorry, you won't get it from me anymore. i'm all about PLUR. and Ms. Detective, i don't know something personal about you at all, you posted enough pictures of yourself on here already for me to see your boobs. you don't remember?
  4. Nice Racks

    i quickly read this and thought it said, "don't evan"
  5. Nice Racks

    you are too funny. and i gotta admit it, we seem eye to eye on a lot. you just MIGHT be a cool kid after all. (i said you MIGHT) and i have no qualms anymore about posting a pic since enough people seem to do it. BUT, if you don't want me to...........
  6. Bump this thread everytime......

    I hope that HOOTER'S is better than the one in Boston! fuckin ghetto!
  7. Nice Racks

    seriously, please promote something. oh, and...
  8. Nice Racks

    see, I can take a joke. now, HOW much did you make in the red light district?? oh, i'm sorry, they only wanted girls with breasts who DIDN'T resemble that of a ten year old boy?
  9. Nice Racks

  10. Where is everyone

    okay, i'm done stooping to 3rd grade after this: sweety, i GUARANTEE i make as much if not more money than you and have just as nice or nicer place than you. that doesn't make me a better person, but since you seem to think i don't have a job or anything, i just thought i'd mention. hell, maybe we'll meet someday and you will come hang out at my place in the jacuzzi or just chill with some music and smoke and stuff. you seem hotheaded and defensive like i can be. i applaude you actually. i don't want to fight over a messageboard, i'm too old for this!!
  11. Nice Racks

    W, just b/c some of us decide to post pics, doesn't mean we want attention. so you post a pic? who cares? no big deal. not like anyone's topless or anything.
  12. Nice Racks

    bullshit, you are fine!!! okay, so we are not showing our faces in our pics? let me work something out, and i will post my pic today if i get a chance or tomorrow. i can't believe i'm gonna post my pic on this messageboard!
  13. Where is everyone

    you're just a total asshole evan, i mean prphz.
  14. Where is everyone

    check em
  15. Where is everyone

    if you were reading my previous posts, this would be answered for you. do your homework sweety, and wipe the tomatoes off your face.