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  1. good college for poli sci

    I want to go back to college for political science and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. I almost finished my associates degree a while ago, so that's how far I am if that info helps. I was looking into CUNY but maybe someone knows a college rating site or something similar?
  2. then they wonder why there's so much anti-semitism...
  3. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5871651411393887069 If you still think that immigration is a good thing after watching that, I sincerely believe you want to see the destruction of the United States. What really galls me is the utter and total irresponsibility our so called "elected" officials are displaying. Neither the right nor the left is acting for our benefit, nor the benefit of this world. It really makes me sick.
  4. 'Hundreds of WMDs Found in Iraq'...

    Oddly, that looks very similar to your avatar. Anyway, so what if 500 WMD were found? Does that really justify the murder of 100,000+ people? If you think so, then you are no better than Hitler or Stalin.
  5. I love the Current Events CP'ers!!!!!!!!!!

    shouldn't this be on the butt-kiss board
  6. Medics Testify to Fallujah's Horrors

    isnt bush cutting those types of services? when this is all over and the troops come home they are going to need that to re-adjust to civilian life
  7. penis size ...

    ok ... i know this has most likely been done to death ... but ladies ... do you want a nice big cock or what? .... im not talking about 18 inches(less that's your thing) ... but a descent size one EDIT: there seems a little confusion ... we all know performance matters ... i might as well post a poll asking whether brad pitt it sexy or not or that jude law guy ... but Im not asking if you want a guy who is good in bed .. im asking if size matters
  8. i never seen the movie but someone told me when they went they saw little babies ... i don't think anyone cares these days ... only anally retentive suits at the FCC ... i guess they got nothing better to do
  9. fishy sex change

    Male fish becoming female? Researchers worry about estrogen and pollutants in the water By Tom Costello Correspondent NBC News Updated: 2:54 p.m. ET Nov. 9, 2004 BOULDER, Colo. - Researchers in Colorado have made a startling discovery. Fish, apparently male, are developing female sexual organs. Scientists believe it's the result of too much estrogen in the water and they're finding estrogen in rivers across the country. In Colorado's rivers and streams, scientists are waist-deep in ritual of the season, using electric currents to stun native fish to the surface where they're measured and checked. But what they discovered in the white sucker fish has got even veteran scientists concerned. "I've done a lot of studies throughout my career which extends back to 1973," says research associate John Woodling. “This is the very first time that what I've found scared me." "This fish has characteristics of both male and female," says Dr. David O. Norris of the University of Colorado, Boulder. And scientists have found lots of them in three Colorado rivers, all of them downstream from sewage treatment plants. In the Boulder Creek, female white suckers outnumbered males five to one and 50 percent of the males also had female sex tissue. Researchers say the cause is too much estrogen in the water, a natural female hormone that is found in every sewer system. But also, they say, certain chemical compounds in detergents and soaps can mimic estrogen. Barbara Biggs, of Denver's largest sewage plant, says most of the nation's sewage plants simply can't remove all the estrogen in the water. "We're concerned about the effect on aquatic life, but we're also concerned about our ability to actually treat for these estrogens and estrogen mimickers," says Biggs. Estrogen mimickers are believed to be caused by chemicals called nonylphenols, found in everything from paints and rubber to cosmetics and plastics. They are considered a possible cause of kidney, eye, liver and reproductive problems. They’ve been banned in much of Europe and are under review in Canada, but are still common in America, where they are flowing out of sewage plants and into clean water flowing into America's rivers. Government researchers recently found natural estrogens and estrogen mimickers in 80 percent of the streams they tested in 30 states. "We would be ingesting those chemicals, would absorb them, and they would add to whatever natural hormones we already have in the body," says Dr. Norris. No one is certain what the impact is on humans. But since finding evidence that estrogen may be turning male fish into female fish, scientists are now looking at what it means for the nation's drinking water. In a state that prides itself on living in harmony with nature, this is evidence, say researchers, of a hormonal imbalance. © 2004 MSNBC Interactive http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6436617
  10. Veteran leader Yasser Arafat dies

    now if only sharon would drop dead ... then we might get some headway
  11. Veteran leader Yasser Arafat dies

    now that he's dead there should be peace in no time
  12. i think the main difference is that jordan is not hostile towards the palestinians and do not bomb them ...plus share many cultural similarities since they are the same race, religon, etc
  13. americans flee the US

    i dont think anyone wants to leave because we're "lil cryin' bitches" because it is not the crying that comes from your team losing the world series ... it is the bitterness knowing that ALL americans have lost this past tuesday
  14. the majority of people used to think the world was flat
  15. americans flee the US

    well ... the internet is international territory