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  1. Pics from the Meetup..

  2. Question on effects of meth

    People just need to know their own limits........ it is so abused because it is so potent..... if it is treated respectably, it can be enjoyed just like any other activity
  3. Substance ABuse Forum Meetup?

    i think shes a cop, but a bad cop or something......that just beats up dealers and steals their drugs for her own use
  4. I'ts Humpday!!!

  5. Zygo Energy Vodka

    ohhhhh u dont even wanna know the shit i go through with this girl......slept in my office chair last night 4 like 2 hours
  6. U guys see this site??

  7. edit:forget it......i dunno what i was thinking
  8. i hate that bostonian accent!!!

  9. Jonathan Peters

    :eek: :laugh:
  10. Zygo Energy Vodka

    2:30 am...... sleepin in my office tonight cause my gf and i were at each others throats 2nite
  11. nubain?

    everyone shut up and let the kid mainline it
  12. Question on effects of meth

    first off........methamphetamine was made for use on humans......crystal meth is just more potent second off.....human k is weaker......and animal k was NEVER EVER meant for use on humans..... And, just because something is made with caustic chemicals DOES NOT mean it is bad for you........read up on break-downs and reactions........ from myths and rumors: Made from poison Made from several toxic chemicals; this does not mean it is itself poisonous. For example, drinkable salt water can be made from lye and muriatic acid. i am telling u i would rather be speedy than slow and stupid any day
  13. My question:

    from safety1st.org A person who has taken or been given Ketamine will be very clumsy—dangerously so—even more so than someone who is very drunk, because the Ketamine user may feel stimulated and free from bodily danger. They may express excitement and amazement one moment and other emotions the next. They may display slurred speech, say odd things and express confusion. Their heart rate may increase.
  14. Substance ABuse Forum Meetup?

    lol...... i wuz j/k
  15. Tyler Stadius

    hi stymie