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  1. Wtfff

    sweet sig andrew
  2. Yo FL

    i dun think they're scared, i think they just dun like people comin down here talkin bout how great NY is i mean i know its hard not to, but its not cool cuz i mean, i think they're thinkin if you like it so much, go back there LOL and happyface has a point.....:)
  3. Vertigo Party Info

    WELL SAID BUT WHY R U YELLING? LOL dont you know you're breaking all sorts of online etiquette typing in all caps like that lol pet peeve of mine
  4. theme parties

    lol no i didnt forget, im at work so no pic here. ill post one later tho its worth the wait
  5. theme parties

    sweeeeet only if they have three diff colored laces and aerobics socks ok, gotta stop now lol
  6. theme parties

    LOL no, but maybe a couple sweatshirts with the necks cut off and entirely too many pairs of leggings
  7. theme parties

    i think you just havent been to a good theme party. try... the underwear party, the beach party, the outlaw party 80s party? mmm no thanks, maybe for a good laugh
  8. theme parties

    i dunno if i want to listen to you, you think you're too good for theme parties
  9. theme parties

    sunday funday! i dunno what its like to have a good night sleep before work on monday...why start now?
  10. theme parties

    awww.. i never said i didnt like it down here, i just got here! im still checkin out the scene! but i will be makin flights to NYC most def. whats yer fav places to go? places an NYC chick like me would like?
  11. theme parties

    thanx!! livin in cocoa beach from CT, actually. dont like livin in the city, just goin there to party. went to space a couple weekends ago, not bad, i like the patio. dont hate me..... luff me!!!
  12. theme parties

    too late moved to florida lookin for a home away from home
  13. theme parties

    any clubs in miami have em?
  14. looking to be corrupted

    well i just moved here and friends from work arent into the scene- so id be checkin it out solo. im into afterhours, im used to SF in NYC, go around 4 or 5 am sun, hang till 4-5 pm
  15. looking to be corrupted

    dont really feel like makin the drive, but the way my day is going, i just might. need to get away. bigtime. whens the best arrival time