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  1. track id falling back inside

    lyrics go like this: Cause then i get the feeling of falling back inside, staring at the ceiling and trying to leave behind. Dont u know its lonely falling back inside, staring at the ceiling in 1999
  2. Live DJ Sets

    are u serious right now selling sets that you downloaded off the internet???????? A genius entrepreneurial idea..................
  3. Everything but the girl song id

    thank u my friend!
  4. Everything but the girl song id

    i know its everything but the girl but i dont know the name of the song. The lyrics go something like this: I walk the city late at night, does everyone do the same, i wanna be the things i see, across the street take a ride pick up the pace, i wanna love no more only way out is down I dont konw if the songs new but the remix is def pretty recent thanks for any help....
  5. Review: JP @ CPI's ??? This past sunday?

    I think the Jonathan Peters haters spend more time talking about him than the people who like him. Thats when u need to go find more constructive ways to budget your time.......
  6. female vocal anyone id it for me????????????
  7. Tribal House record store

    What's the best store to find tribal tracks at????? I used to shop at eightball (rip) now ive been using satellite but im not that big of a fan. Anyone have any recommendations?????????
  8. female saying "this is just a restless world" over n over again any help is apreciated thnx....
  9. Song ID

    Female vocal: "Ive got a feeling I can't explain for you, I'm gonna spend my whole life with you"
  10. Clubs on L.I.

    I see the only way house even has a chance on long island is if its totally seperate from the hip hop. These half hip hop half house clubs end up playin 3/4 hip hop and a quarter house that is commercial and not even enjoying for the house fans. I think the ideal fashion is to have clubs featuring both a hip hop and a house room. That way if you are a house fan you are not forced to listen to hip hop or dumb down your music to maintain their interests until hip hop comes back on Nation, good luck to u i hope u guys flourish u have a rough job ahead of you. Sadly the reality is house fans are getting old and gettin married so we are a dwindling market. MTV has basically hijacked our youth to a point where "Lean back" is the commonly accepted pop music now. With very few new dance music fans growing up to replenish the retirees you will see house continue to dwindle out of the club scene. Is our only hope the Pdiddy/felix da housecat duo????????
  11. PVD @ CPI Review!

    I had a good time the music was good. I personally hate that place and cringed paying the 44 bucks to get in but it was roomy on the dancefloor and all the guidos were at spirit so i had a blast. He kinda cut his set short, though. His website said he'd be on till 5 and the lights came on like quarter to so i was a bit disappointed bout that.
  12. pvd baby.... anyone going??

    PVD at this place is going to attract a totally different crowd than usual. Party with Oaky was sick, DT was sick why would this suck???
  13. SPIRIT last night..... wow...

    I dont know why passed up crobar for spirit last night..........
  14. pvd baby.... anyone going??

    I checked on his website and its says hes gonna be on 130-5 . Its a short set but I'm still hittin that up.
  15. SPIRIT last night..... wow...

    I was not feeling that place either. I'm not a big Jp fan but other than "how would you feel" which was hot, it seemed like his set really went nowhere the whole night. Same old nothing hard beats with tranny's/guidos running around the dancefloor.